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Here, we learn worship songs and some tips and tricks for making them sound decent on an acoustic guitar. Each episode is normally just 3-5 minutes long and is a video that you can watch or get as a vlog entry (through RSS).  The songs are ones that are usually not covered in other online forums or by other worship leaders or artists.  Since they cover all their material, most of the songs here are for songs done in the past 15 years, with lots from the 90's.


If you would rather view these via iTunes / iPod / iPad and other Apple products you can load the entire collection of videos (or one at a time), by accessing the Worship Song Video Podcast by Kim Gentes on iTunes itself at this location: Kim Gentes on iTunes.

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"Rise" - Worship Song Video Blog: Session 15 (with Kim Gentes)

This is Session 15 of the Worship Song Video Blog includes an example of playing the song "Rise" (written by Shawn McDonald). This is a video blog of guitar tips and ideas for playing worship songs. 

This song edition includes a video demonstrating the song arrangement on guitar and a downloadable PDF chord chart with the lyrics and chords (courtesy of

CHORD CHART PDF: download here.

Video Demonstration: See below.


This video became very popular and people have been asking a number of questions (all of which are explained or demonstrated in the video). But to give some written information here will help.

Guitar Tuning- This song is done with D-tuned guitar strings. This means that instead of the standard EADGBE tuning of the strings, the guitars low E string is tuned to D, not E. This means the tuning becomes DADGBE. UPDATE: Actually, the original version of the song by Shawn McDonald is done in the DADGAD tuning. I am not sure how I missed that, but it it certainly would make the song pitch to D much more "dronelike". Try it with both tunings and pick the one you like- but the original should be DADGAD, not the D-tune that I have noted in the video.

Tempo/meter - I play this demonstration around 70bpm, although the original song is done around 74-76 by Shawn McDonald.

Strumming Pattern - The strumming pattern on this song is demonstrated on the video, but some folks wanted it written out. Here is a staff measure that shows the pattern.  The notes are just chord strums (I couldn't figure out how to get Finale to do it any other way). Anyways, for each note is a strum. The letters indicate which direction the strum is. D for down, U for up.

For churches using, the song, chord chart, lyrics and audio are already available and pre-loaded for you in the system song database. If you are not part of and want to listen to audio samples or purchase the album directly yourself, see the Amazon link below.

Amazon Link:


hope that helps

Kim Gentes


"Rise" - Worship Song Video Blog: Session 15 (with Kim Gentes)