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Why Does This Site Exist?


I've been asked a few times why this site exists. Is just an electronic homage to my own name? I've been asked "why would you post hundreds of resources (resources that many folks charge for) for free online?"

The answer, in a nutshell, is to equip others.

This site is the result of years of work from various aspects of my life: personal/devotional reflections, work/business related efforts, church/ministry involvement and educational archives/spin-offs of my work in the graduate studies program at SSU (M.Min).

Much of the core content on this site centers around the primary subjects of worship, music, ministry and technology. As a worship leader/pastor, I have a passion for both engaging and equipping people in worship through various means of resourcing.

Over the last 20 years, I have been privileged and honored to help start, grow and be a part of a number of wonderful efforts to resource the church including,,, and I also participated in a supportive role with, MediaShout,, As a consultant I was blessed to work with folks in helping to launch initial versions of,, and Vineyard Music (Worship School).  

As you can guess from that list of efforts, my passion, gifting and calling have been engaged with music, worship, technology, resourcing and the Christian church community. I still continue to have this as my primary personal mission "To resource the church by making the praise of God accessible to the whole earth". I hope that you enjoy the site and please feel free to browse the rest of, which has (literally) hundreds of other free resources, articles, downloads, videos and more. I pray it enriches and encourages worship in you and your local church.