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Worship Team Auditions (a method)

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Holding Worship Team Auditions [leadership & music workshop]

This practical topic engages extensive discussion on why, when and how to utilize auditions in the local church to help build and recruit for your worship team.  This includes materials and examples from years of practical experience.

(Taken from "Session 38- Holding Worship Team Auditions" in the August 12th session of the 2004 Created To Praise Conference, in St. Louis, MO)

From the author- For years, I worked through how to build a team in a "worship band" format. I tried volunteers, training up musicians, bringing in friends and many other things.  After a while, I settled on the realization that recruiting for worship and music is something that can be helped by developing a good process. This format is one mechanism that can help in building a worship team.  Auditions aren't for every one, or every church.  But where they fit, they can be very helpful. Below is a method I developed from years of pastoring worship teams.  I don't expect people to use this method exactly as is.  Use what you can, and modify it to fit your church.  Each situation will require different understanding and application of God's wisdom.  I hope this is helpful in helping you to develop your own method that can work well in your local church. - Kim Gentes

The PDF below is a presentation note set that can be used used along with the audio.  Select the PDF file ("Worship-Team-Auditions.pdf") below and open it up to viewable size on your computer.  Once you have it opened, select the mp3 file ("worshipauditions.mp3") below and listen to the audio presentation as you follow along in the PDF notes.  The remaining files are support documents (an evaluation sheet and an excel results sheet) that are used in this method. The session is 1 hour long, with 15 additional minutes of Q&A from the live presentation audience. Total listening time is 1 hour, 18min.