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Creating a Culture of Love - Dr. Peter Fitch

This feature is written and presented by Dr. Peter Fitch. I asked him, and he granted me permission to make this talk and materials available online.

In 2006, I went to St. Croix, New Brunswick, Canada for a two week intensive at Dan Wilt's Institute of Worship Studies at St. Stephen's University .  It was a very impactive time in my life.  One of the most impactive things was the clear experience of community that reverberated throughout the students, staff and church that we connected with while there (you can read details in my blog).  One of the professors and teachers was Dr. Peter Fitch, who teaches at St. Stephens.  He is also a local pastor there.  I found his teaching, his church and his life to be one of the most encouraging examples of leadership I have seen in my lifetime.  Since then, I had been looking for a way to get him in Arizona to encourage us here.  Well, that happened! In mid-January 2008, Peter taught a lunch-time session on Saturday, January 19 on the topic of community. If you have any opportunity what-so-ever to hear Peter speak, I highly encourage you to do so.  I can't recommend him any more highly.  He is simply one of the best teachers and practitioners of real ministry and community that I have ever met.

Below is the presentation and audio from his session on community. [Kim Gentes]