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I Will Remember - Christmas Song- Free Resources

In 2005, we released this Christmas song as a single resource on an enhanced CD.  It is a modern worship song styling of the ancient Christmas message of Jesus coming to earth from the celebration story of the gospel accounts.

Read reviews and endorsements of this song and resources by Casey CorumPaul Baloche, Worship Leader Magazine and Arlen Salte here.

We recorded and produced an entire suite of resources for this modern worship song because we thought it would be best to equip churches by providing the most extensive musical resources. This meant, simply, that if someone was looking for a modern sounding worship song, that fit the Christmas theme, they could use this song with their local church music group, regardless of the musician and vocal resources they had available. If they had a choir and complete band, they could use this resource easily. If they had a small group with just one leader, all the components were here to help, regardless.

The Enhanced CD also included sheet music PDFs, videos, tracks/accompaniments and more.  

This year, we have decided to make all those resources available right here, for free, for you to download. If you would prefer to purchase the entire enchanced CD that includes all these resources, you can do so at, by going here:

I Will Remember (Enhanced CD/Resource Kit)

We appreciate you supporting our work.  

If you would prefer to download any or all of the resources directly, you can do so here directly, by seeing the resource selection of files listed below.  

The entire resources list (audio, print music, video, and presentation resources) are given below for FREE. No gimmicks or tricks. Go ahead and download and use it as you like.  We will only be doing this for this year, however, so even if you intend on using this song next year, you may want to download it now, as this page may go away before you are ready to use the song for next year.

If you do use this material, we ask that you please note and report the song usage to CCLI as part of your regular church operations.  In this way you support the work we are doing and are allowed to legally use these materials and songs in your local church.

Sincere blessings this Christmas. 

In Christ,

Kim & Carol Gentes


Please adhere to the license agreement files that are included in each download. NOTE: It is illegal for you to resell these resources. Please do not copy these files for friends. If you they would like to use them, they are welcome to come to this website for their own copies.