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What & Why?

People in church and involved in worship are sometimes uncertain about technology. "Why should I care?" is the question I hear a lot. The answer is simple- simply put, technology is another word for "tools".  Whether we are leading worship, playing music, planting a church or helping with ministry in the youth, we all know that tools of all sorts can help us with being more effective.  Technology fits right in there, because proper use of certain technologies (think "tools") can help us be more effective when we have a specific use for that tool, or problem that it solves. So we want to know more about these tools because they can help us, right? Ya! Good.

Good Resources for Technology and Worship

What we did here is create some resources to help put technology into a functional perspective for church pastors, worship leaders and just anyone who wants to know. Below you will find some contributions that might give you a jump start on grasping technology as it relates to the church and worship.

  1. Worship Tech Web Tools Blog. A regular blog where I post the latest cool stuff I find on the web that relates to worship, music or church!
  2. How To Use Technology To Aid You as a Worship Leader.  This is an article we wrote for InsideWorship, a national magazine for worship practicioners put out by the folks at Vineyard Music.
  3. How to Make the Right Technology Product Decisions for Your Worship Ministry and Evaluate What You Need and Don't Need. Ok, it's a long title, but at least you know what its about.  This is copy of a training session I did for the 2007 National Worship Teleseminar, which has both an audio podcast and downloadable notes component, whichever (or both) you prefer.
  4. Worship Technology Roundup. A little guide for those who want an updated directory of web resources about everything tech! What is a good site for audio training? What is a good resource for video presentation?  What is a good site for quality digital images? Where can I get a computer device that will convert all those old cassettes (with our pastor's messages archived on them) to mp3 files?  Where is a listing of good web services available to churches and ministries? All those questions and more are answered in the worship tech roundup!