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serials1.jpgKim started writing worship music CD reviews back in the 90's, when it wasn't too cool to do so (according to some). Never-the-less, it helped hundreds of people learn about new music that could help them in their churches.

As time went on, Kim began to do musician resource reviews, book reviews, and more music reviews.  Those reviews are catalogued here for your browsing.

Additionally, Kim is also an avid movie-goer and loves eating out.  If you are interested in movies and restaurants, these sections could be helpful.

  • Music Reviews

    Kim's reviews of CD projects of worship music.  Includes independents, label and main stream recordings, but all having to do with worship music.

  • Musician Resources Reviews

    Musician resources may be DVD training, songbooks or even enhanced CDs with video or music resources.  Basically, the term is for anything that is not a regular listening CD, but has to do with helping musicians learn the music and play it for a local church worship service.

  • Book Reviews

    Book reviews pertinent to worship or music in the local church, or general Christian leadership and discipleship.

  • Movie Reviews

    Kim includes some reviews of movies he has had the opportunity to review. Some were seen in special screenings and reviewed then, but most were seen at regular theatre showings.  The movie section contains a special caution that highlights the fact that Kim does not endorse all the movies he has reviewed (in fact, the review is definitely not an endorsement of some of them).  If you

  • Restaurant Reviews

    Ya, Kim eats too.  As he travels the US and Canada, he leaves his food tracks in case you happen to be interested.

  • Guidelines for Product Submissions

    Every day we get people asking how they can have their product/resource reviewed on our site.  We had to write out some guidelines so that we don't get overloaded. We can't review everything, but here are the details for those interested.