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What Is Digital Worship News


Digital Worship News (DWN) is the electronic update from worship leader, trainer and innovator, Kim Gentes.  Kim's background is a combination of local church worship leader, with an extensive technology innovation background. Combine that with many years experience in the music, media and internet industries, and you see why Kim has served to educate, equip, and encourage those from communities around the world that are needing insight in worship, music and technology.

DWN serves as Kim's voice to speak on these topics.  You can subscribe for free, by simply filling out the form below.  It comes in email format, and you must sign up to get it, as we do not spam or email anyone who does not signup for this unique electronic report.

What does DWN include? News, information, resources, events, articles and insights from Kim and his friends. As an example of the kinds of information you will get in DWN, look around this website ( and the DWN issues will be similar in style and content. You can also view the back issues of DWN here.

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