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Hi Folks! This is Dan Wilt from! No doubt you were expecting to find Kim here, but I've temporarily taken over his bio page to write a bit about Kim. You can read about him, in his own words, below, but for this section, I wanted to let you know a little about him and his involvements.




Kim Gentes is at the center of many of today’s most pivotal conversations about worship - and the music that opens us to the God who meets us where we are. As a worship leader, songwriter, recording artist and freelance writer, Kim has been a featured speaker and worship leader at events across the US and Canada. 

With his core passion to see worship leaders and teams equipped with all the tools they need to do the work of creative ministry, he has been at the forefront of resourcing the global church in worship for over 15 years - reaching tens of thousands of churches worldwide.

In addition to equipping the international church in worship through his work and ministry, he has been a local worship leader in Vineyard churches in Phoenix (AZ) and Nashville (TN) metro areas. Originally from Canada, Kim and his wife Carol spent 20 years in the Phoenix, AZ metro area before moving to Franklin, TN, where they lived with their boys for 4 years. The Gentes reside in Phoenix metro area once again.

Kim's heart is to see the Kingdom of God become "touchable" in word, heart and deed for every person who longs for God's presence.

Below is Kim's regular bio.. now back to your regularly scheduled programming :) ...


Identity: Who is Kim?

Kim is a regular guy, who has been captivated by the unbelievable love of God. His passion to see the reality of God's presence and Kingdom demonstrated in real lives is what fuels most of what he does. The foundation of his identity is based on his belief that he is loved through and through by the Living Creator of the Universe (His name is Jesus). Kim believes his value comes from being a child of God, not from what he can do, or what he has accomplished.  In the journey, Kim has been amazingly blessed to be with his sweetheart of 25 years of marriage, Carol, and to have the wonderful opportunity to grow up with his 3 sons - Jordan, Jared and Cody.

Connections: Where is he involved?

Kim is a local church guy, who has served as a worship leader at East Valley Vineyard, San Tan Vineyard and Gilbert Vineyard in Arizona which are churches in the south east valley of the Phoenix metro area. In 2009, Kim and family moved to the Nashville/Franklin area, and connected with local church there, including attending and serving at the Franklin Vineyard, and attending Grace Center church as well. In 2013, the Gentes family relocated back to the Phoenix metro area and are serving again at the Gilbert Vineyard church. Back in 1993, Kim began to connect online and by 1994 helped to lead and grow an online community for worship leaders and worshipers, including the Worship List and the Worship Resource Center and We connected with the church globally as the internet began to allow the broader church to communicate online. In 1997, Kim consulted for EMI CMG/Sparrow to help launch (the site, at the time, of the band Deliriou5? who were being introduced to the US from their native UK) and, for which Kim did the online marketing and consulting. We are very committed to training and encouraging the Body of Christ, and out of that passion, Kim and Lockley Gentes started, now one of the premier destinations for worship resources. In 2001, Kim pioneered an integrated worship, arts, community  gathering that has become known as "the Worship Gathering".  In 2008, Kim led the launch of, a new online  workspace for churches. In 2009, Kim helped form the team and worked behind the scenes to help launch the new online training service a university accredited learning path of excellence for creative leaders in the church. For two years, Kim served as the Chief Technology Officer for MediaComplete, where he oversaw online businesses, software development and technology and worship resource development across the company. Aside from both online and offline work as an author, Kim currently runs and does consulting to music, media and other businesses through the entity Solaris Strategy. He also continues to give direction to the Worship Gathering and associated events.  

wg-kim05-image-221x157.jpgMessage & Music: What up?

Our message is always this- Jesus. There are, however, many ways to express that message- music, art, literature, speech, relationships and life.

Kim is involved in songwriting and worship leading both in his local church and beyond. He has led worship in various events in southwest and other parts of the US, and has spoken in conferences and seminars throughout the US and Canada. We love to use the songs the church are using, incorporating many of today's anthems that local churches love to worship God with. We also use a selection of original songs that God has given us as our flavoring to be added to the Body of Christ. Kim has spoken on some focused topics dealing with music, worship, ministry and passionate living in Christ. He has done seminars and workshops on such topics as worship, worship leading, expanding into arts in worship, technology in worship, working in the music industry, and pursuing God through transforming times. Kim would not describe himself primarily as a "recording artist", though he has recorded music independently and with a major worship label. Kim is primarily a worship leader and equiper to the Body of Christ.


Why This Site?

Good question. I answer that here: Why This Site?