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Mentoring Worship Leaders (ThinkJump Journal #105 with Kim Gentes)

Friends. For the last 25 years, I've been involved in worship and music in the local church. For almost that same amount of time, I have been involved in finding, encouraging and mentoring others in various aspects of leadership, from teams to small groups to Sunday morning worship. I've had the benefit of some great mentors in my life, and I knew intuitively that if I was to be a servant (as Christ calls us to be) in ministry that I was also tasked with helping others along the journey, just as I was helped.

Over the last 20 years I've had the opportunity to train dozens of people in various aspects of music, worship and leadership. Guitar classes, small group leading, one-on-one mentoring and co-leading in various situations. Through doing this, I learned there were things that worked well, and other things that didn't. I have been wanting to share what I learned in a way that would help others.

Last year, a friend of mine, Tom Kraeuter (author of 20+ books on worship) asked me if I would contribute to a book he was writing on mentoring worship leaders. Tom knew that for a book to be a true resource across churches and denominations it needed to have a broad perspective. He asked 10 worship leaders, mentors and teachers to contribute their best thoughts and ideas to a comprehensive book that would help other leaders have some helpful guides as they begin mentoring or the process of being mentored in their local churches and ministries.

The result of this collaboration is "Mentoring Worship Leaders", the book cover you see to the left here. I am not only pleased with the book as a whole but have added more great insights to my own tool chest by reading the contributions of others such as Monte Kelso, Kent Henry, Karen Lafferty, and others. There are very few books that even attempt to cover the topic of worship leadership mentoring, and even fewer that provide more than just a single perspective.  If you are considering mentoring others or are looking for mentoring guidance yourself, I honestly believe the book can open up some insights and possibilities to you in doing this. Watch the video below to get a brief overview of the book from Tom.

If you are a worship leader mentoring others, or a person looking for tools for your own mentoring journey, I highly recommend this book, not just because I contributed to it, but because it is an excellent resource. You can order the book below. I pray it is a blessing to you.



Mentoring Worship Leaders... Training the Next Generation

Tom Kraeuter, Kim Gentes, Kent Henry, Karen Lafferty and others

Cost: $14 (free shipping - to US only)


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