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kimmusic.jpgThe Music of Kim Gentes

Over the years, we've had the chance to write and record some music that seems to touch not only us and our local church, but others. In January of this year, we released a new CD with 12 new songs on it. You can listen to the entire album online at .

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New Video & PDF of Live Acoustic version "Let Everything" (Kim Gentes)

A live acoustic version of the song "Let Everything" done "in the round" at the Gentes home in Franklin, TN. Musicians are:

  • Kim Gentes - acoustic guitar and vocals
  • Jeremy Dunn - keyboards
  • Mike Gustin - Bass
  • Matthew Lamson - percussion (Cajon)

Live sound recording, mixing and production- Mike Gustin. Video - Kim Gentes.

This song edition incudes BOTH the video demonstrating the song arrangement on guitar and a downloadable PDF chord chart with the lyrics and chords.

CHORD CHART PDF:  download here.

Video Demonstration: See below. Releases Kingdom Rain CD and MP3 Albums

We encourage you to check out our new worship project "Kingdom Rain". Featuring Kim Gentes with friends Rita Springer and Andy Park also contributing. The project is just released on and AmazonMP3 (CD or MP3 format)!

If you haven't heard any of the Kingdom Rain, album, you can listen to clips online at Amazon and now purchase there in CD or MP3 album format (yes, you can buy single MP3 songs as well)!

ION Worship Carries "Kingdom Rain"

The album Kingdom Rain released on in an arrangement with ION Worship.  

The album releases with full listening CD (full digital mp3s as well) and digital download performance tracks

Information about the project, downloads, song listening player, pictures and more are available on the CD website at: .


Children's Worship Song - "Jesus Is My Friend" (Free Download)

My wife and I have had the privilege of being blessed with three wonderful children. Our three boys have been the joy of our lives, bringing some amazing truth, life and experience to us and giving us an opportunity to learn how it is possible to love as a parent.

Ever since our first son, Jordan, was born we included and encouraged our children to join us as we praised and worshiped God with our songs and lives. And while all of our children loved to join with us in "our songs", we also wanted to give them songs for them. When Jordan was just 3 years old, Carol and I wrote a song to help give language for his young heart and mind in which he could genuinely worship God. The song "Jesus Is My Friend" was born.

My hope is that in providing this song and resources here for you and your local churches, you may find it a helpful resource for pre-school aged children. What I found was that there were plenty of children's songs written to help kids jump, smile, sing and shout. But there were few songs written to help give language for a child to declare their love for God, except perhaps for Jesus Loves Me. "Jesus Is My Friend" is just one song that can be used for pre-schoolers to have a simple and memorable song of love to Jesus. I hope you find it helpful.

Below, you will find a free download for an mp3, chord chart, lyric sheet, lead sheet, Piano/Vocal score and MIDI file. These resources should help you in whatever kind of local church or home worship situation you are working with.

These resources are offered for free to anyone in need of them. You are welcome to use them in church or home.

I do ask that if you use the song in your local church, that you report their use in your CCLI reporting normally done through your worship department. 

"Jesus Is My Friend" - Preschool Children's worship song


Worshiping Him!

Kim Gentes



Production Continues on Recording Unnamed (2009)

Well, Brian T now has the task of completing the remaining parts and mixing up the final revisions.  As he was meandering through the tracks I recorded last week he came upon a gem that I thought I would share.

Kim out-take during recording...

It was a time that captured a moment when I got lost in the timing of a song... :)

That being said, it looks like production will continue for about a month more on the project.  As we get stuff completed, we'll keep you updated.