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New Video & PDF of Live Acoustic version "Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty" (Kim Gentes)

A live acoustic version of the song "Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty" done "in the round" at the Gentes home in Franklin, TN. Musicians are:

  • Kim Gentes - acoustic guitar and vocals
  • Jeremy Dunn - keyboards
  • Mike Gustin - Bass
  • Matthew Lamson - percussion (Cajon)

Live sound recording, mixing and production- Mike Gustin. Video - Kim Gentes.

This song edition incudes BOTH the video demonstrating the song arrangement on guitar and a downloadable PDF chord chart with the lyrics and chords.

CHORD CHART PDF:  download here.

Video Demonstration: See below.

Reader Comments (4)

Snap crackle "poop". What lovely conversation for a worship musician. No wonder there's so many "modernized" churches. No conviction, user-friendly, massive numbers, big business & profit, yeah...

June 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDoug Bickel


Interesting what you focus on in this video. One moment of levity allowed you come up with the conclusion that there is no conviction, that the intent is massive numbers and big business and profit. That is a sad conclusion you've come to, and unjustly so. This group, like any group of artists and workers, spent hours upon hours playing, worshiping, praying and recording these songs. This is in addition to literally months of song writing, scripture reading and more prayer. I wonder if you have considered that some could lean on God's wisdom in the way the Proverbs says "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones"? This group had worked tirelessly and were taking a short break between repetitions of the recording session. My back cracked as I was flexing my neck, and it could be heard through the microphones by the other musicians. All those sounds made a moment of humor, that was all. Nothing sinister or unholy. This has nothing to do with "modernization".

As to your accusation that somehow this is all done for lauds and money, it is just plain silly. This song (and the album it is from) cost many thousands of dollars in recording and production costs, in additional to countless hours of friends encouraging and supporting with labors of love. The entire project is an offering to God, given up to him, because he called me to put it together. There are no massive numbers, just a few hundred churches who have heard the project, no big business (this is an independent project that was never a part of a music company), and no profit (the costs were many many times more than will be recovered from anyone buying the music).

While you spent so much time and energy finding a little quote you could criticize- I wonder, did you take as much time and turn up the volume to hear the scriptural lyrics of the song? To join in with the ethos of the song, based in the book of Revelation? I am surprised that someone who puts himself in public view would accuse a brother of having no conviction, and being involved in something for simply monetary gain-- all without ever asking the brother about it.

I am guessing you intended your comment to show how "bad" modern worship is, and how irreverent myself and my group of friends were in this video.

I wish you had asked first, or even just stated that you found this to be offensive to you personally. I could respect that. But since you chose to attack the project, the people in it and myself, I can only offer you the forgiveness of Christ. I do hope that in the future you sincerely reconsider before posting such accusations with no conversation to/from the person in question.

I remain, your brother in Christ
Kim Gentes

June 28, 2011 | Registered CommenterKim Gentes

The praise exalted our Lord and Savior Jesus Chrsit. God honors His word. His character was also exalted in this song. I was truly blessed.
As you continue to make music, God keeps smiling on you musicians.

June 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJulia Tippitt

This is beautiful and thank you for sharing this with us and providing the tools for us to try and reproduce
It is up lifting and reminds us how glorified is the Lord !!! We Love him and love your music
Love and light in Jesus Christ
The Richter family NSW.

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