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Over the years, we've had the chance to write and record some music that seems to touch not only us and our local church, but others. In January of this year, we released a new CD with 12 new songs on it. You can listen to the entire album online at .

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Featured Song- "Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty" (Kim Gentes)

[The audio download for this feature has expired]

This month we are featuring the song "Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty" in three different ways (all FREE).  We hope you listen to this song and that it brings some encouragement to you, that our Holy God is on the throne of heaven and calls to reign in our hearts. We hope it blesses you and you consider it as a candidate for your church worship repertoire.

This song feature incudes a) chord chart, b) full length mp3 audio (vocals by Andy Park), and c) a life video demonstration of the song arrangement in more acoustic form. 

  1. Chord Chart PDF:  download here.
  2. Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty (download MP3 Audio ) - vocals by Andy Park [free link expired]
  3. Three Videos (they are all directly below)
    1. Interview with Andy Park (sang lead vocals on the song Holy Holy
    2. Video of a Live "In the Round" acoustic version of the song
    3. Song story video about the song and how it was written.
  4. If you enjoy the song, please let others know by posting this page on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks! 


Video 1- "Holy Holy" video with Andy Park - Andy talks about his participation in the project "Kingdom Rain", and singing lead vocals on the track "Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty".


Video 2- Live Acoustic "In the Round" Version - with Kim Gentes, Jeremy Dunn, Mike Gustin & Matthew Lamson.


Video 3- Song Story: Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty - with Kim Gentes

The only thing was ask is that if you found this song encouraging please post the link to this page to Facebook and let your friends know about it.


Kim Gentes

p.s. If you want to check out all the songs from the album (from which Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty came), you can see them all here Kingdom Rain .

p.s. When the email went out about this free song, I was overloaded by people asking where all the resources for the album. To avoid repeating this information in email many times, here it is:

  • Access to CD Album on Kingdom Rain **
  • Access to videos, PDFs, performance tracks and sheet music, those are available here:
    • -once you are on the site, (past the intro page), click on the "CLICK ME" box to show options for accompaniment  tracks, sheet music and CD.

**NOTE: if you purchase the CD, the PDF chord chart songbook is yours free (just contact me and I will send it to you).


Andy Park talks about the new song "Holy Holy"

Andy Park is a veteran worship leader, songwriter and leader, who has written over 100+ songs that are sung in churches around the world, such as "In the Secret (I Want to Know You)", "Wonder Working God" and "One Thing I Ask". 

Andy talks about his participation in the project "Kingdom Rain", and singing lead vocals on the track "Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty".

You can see more about the album at :

Kingdom Rain @