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kimmusic.jpgThe Music of Kim Gentes

Over the years, we've had the chance to write and record some music that seems to touch not only us and our local church, but others. In January of this year, we released a new CD with 12 new songs on it. You can listen to the entire album online at .

I Will Remember (2005)

Below is a FREE DOWNLOAD we wanted you to have for the Christmas season.  The radio cut of the Christmas worship song "I Will Remember".  No strings attached.  Just download to your computer, mp3 player, iPod or burn it to a CD.  It's yours free.  God bless.

Free MP3
"I Will Remember (Radio Cut)

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Blessings & Merry Christmas

(below is information about the Christmas resource enhanced CD from which this song comes)

Roles: Songwriter, Artist

We released an enhanced CD that contains the modern worship Christmas song "I Will Remember". This song and all its resources (audio, video, print and presentation) are available for digital purchase/download at Also available is a new ECD. The enhanced CD is a complete resources kit which includes everything in a physical packaged CD with 4 tracks of audio (regular version, radio cut, and 2 split tracks versions) and 14 additional resources: 8 print music files for various instruments and uses; 4 versions of MPEG video; and Powerpoint and lyric presentation files.

Track Listing (song/artist)

  1. I Will Remember [full version]
  2. I Will Remember [radio cut]
  3. I Will Remember [performance track- no BGV]
  4. I Will Remember [performance track- with BGV]

*Plus enhanced CD includes printed music, video MPEGs and powerpoint files.

Read reviews and endorsements from Casey Corum (producer for Vineyard Music), Paul Baloche (songwriter/worship leader),  Arlen Salte (worship leader), and Worship Leader Magazine (Editor Julie Bogart) here :

Available for purchase at

Soularize Worship - The Independent Spirit (2001)

Role: Executive Producersoularize.jpg

This album is a collaborative effort arizing from the Soularize conferences,, and It represents an incredible collection of top independent modern worship songs Each year TheOoze celebrates new and emerging voices of art, church planters, theology, music & storytelling at Soularize. We are committed to creating community where you can share your vision and voice with the church and her leadership. This album is dedicated to the independent spirits of musicians, songwriters and worship leaders. We hope it encourages, inspires and leads you into deeper journey with God, so that you might engage your culture for Christ and share your lyrics and learning's with other fellow sojourners.

Track Listing (song/artist)

  1. Once For All - Charlie Hall
  2. Here I Am To Worship - Tim Hughes
  3. Mansion - Rita Springer
  4. Freedom - Surreal
  5. Fuel - Tom Wuest
  6. Hung The Moon - Kate Miner
  7. I Will Not Forget You - 100 Portraits, Waterdeep
  8. You Are - Roger Hodges
  9. Thank You Song - Sheri Keller
  10. All Right - The Violet Burning
  11. Yielding - Todd Proctor
  12. The Lord Reigns - Heather Clark
  13. Come And See - Jonathan Maracle
  14. Angels Dancing - Seth Peterson
  15. Best Sides - The Gold

Available for purchase at

Lord Of Mercy (1996)

Roles: Songwriter, Artist, Co-Producer

lom2.jpgA studio recording made back in 1994 with several original songs from the early days. Some good indie worship tunes.  The first half was Kim Gentes of East Valley Vineyard, the second half was Jack Moraine of the Gilbert Vineyard.

Track Listing (song/artist)

  1. We Want To Be In Your Presence Lord  (Kim Gentes)
  2. Come Lord  (Kim Gentes)
  3. For The Lord Is Good  (Kim Gentes)
  4. I Love Your Holy Name  (Kim Gentes)
  5. Make Me Yours  (Kim Gentes)
  6. Lord Of Mercy  (Kim Gentes)
  7. Jesus Is My Friend  (Kim Gentes & Jordan Gentes)
  8. We Come To Worship  (Jack Moraine)
  9. No Other Name  (Jack Moraine)
  10. Only You  (Jack Moraine)
  11. Draw Me Back In  (Jack Moraine)
  12. Altogether Lovely  (Jack Moraine)
  13. Endless Praise   (Jack Moraine)

Available online at

Bring Your Kingdom (1992)


Roles: Songwriter, Artist

A studio recording of a selection of several Vineyard worship songs, including the single "I Love You, Alone" written and sung by Kim. This was recorded back in 1992 is no longer in print, but look for a new digital version of the single to appear soon.

Track Listing (song/artist)

  1. Bring Your Kingdom  (Barry Biggs)
  2. Into Your Courts  (Pearl Brick)
  3. Give Me A New Heart  (John Wyrosdick)
  4. Honor and Glory  (Cindy Rethmeier)
  5. Alleluia He Is Coming  (Pearl Brick)
  6. Simple Devotion  (Andrea Arganda)
  7. I Love You, Alone  (Kim Anthony Gentes)
  8. I Will Live Forever  (John Wimber)
  9. See Our Need  (Sheri Lindauer)
  10. I Love You, Oh Lord  (John Wyrosdick)
  11. Peace Be Still/Glorify  (Crystal Lewis)

This is CD is out of print, but you can find used copies of it online at  Amazon--

You can by a leadsheet for the I Love You Alone song at :

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