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kimmusic.jpgThe Music of Kim Gentes

Over the years, we've had the chance to write and record some music that seems to touch not only us and our local church, but others. In January of this year, we released a new CD with 12 new songs on it. You can listen to the entire album online at .

"Kingdom Rain" Special Video and Cover Art

CD Artwork, Video Sampler and Song Sampler Online

The album cover art is shown here. Some limited copies of the CD are available at live events where Kim leads. We are planning the public release of the CD, website and printed music resources right now. More news on those will be coming later. In the mean time, artwork, video and song samples are shown here (video contains song samples from 8 of the songs on the album).



Video Song Sampler...

Kingdom Rain (2009) - Web Video Teaser!

This is a video sampler of some of the songs on the new album.  It shows not only the photos from the creative process in the studio, but years of various gatherings in which these songs have been used as anthems to the voice of local churches I have had the priviledge to lead in.

The album artwork and final mastered tracks are being completed as we speak, so this is your "early look" at what is coming...




Post production nearing end - Andy Park & Rita Springer add guest vocals (2009)

I wanted to share some encouraging news on the recording. First, as all the parts wrap up, I can't be more pleased with the musicians that producer Brian Thiessen has engaged to work on this recording. They include:


  • Calum Reese on drums, percussion (Hungry, Come now is the Time, Dwell, etc)
  • Matt Weeks on bass (Hungry, You Shine, Dwell, etc)
  • Kelly Carpenter on keyboards (Light the Fire Again, Sweetly Broken, etc. songwriter of Draw Me Close)
  • Brian Thieseen on guitars (all of Brian Doerksen's recordings, as well as other Vineyard releases and the latest Andy Park project)
  • Andy Park - vocals on Holy Holy
  • Rita Springer - vocals on Bless The Lord
  • Jessica Park - duet vocals on All of Me for All of You
  • and myself (Kim Gentes) - vocals and acoustic guitar.


I was very excited to hear that Brian had put this team together and now that the song premixes are coming in, I am so glad he chose these musicians/worshipers.  There is a beautiful quality of devotion on each of the instruments and arrangements.  I am honored to have each of these people be a part of this project.

The process of tracking is all nearly finished with occasional parts wrapping up to complete some songs. I am right now sitting and listening for the first time to an amazing vocal cut by Rita Springer, who did guest vocals on the song "Bless The Lord", a song I wrote some time ago. A few weeks back I got another track from the producer that features worship leader Andy Park singing the upbeat song "Holy Holy is the Lord Almighty". Both songs by the guest vocalists are wonderful!  Jessica Park also does a blissful vocal part in the hymn-like song All of Me For All of You, which we sing together.

Can't wait to get this project available for you all.

The entire process has been a joy!

Production Continues on Recording Unnamed (2009)

Well, Brian T now has the task of completing the remaining parts and mixing up the final revisions.  As he was meandering through the tracks I recorded last week he came upon a gem that I thought I would share.

Kim out-take during recording...

It was a time that captured a moment when I got lost in the timing of a song... :)

That being said, it looks like production will continue for about a month more on the project.  As we get stuff completed, we'll keep you updated.

Day 4 - Recording Unnamed (2009)

I was scheduled to head back to Phoenix today. Instead, we spent another day tracking more vocals for the project. Something that I learned this week was that recording in the studio isn't just a matter of singing correct notes at the right time. It involves communicating passion, authenticity and art in a song.

But when you sing for a whole day, there are times when you have more or less energy and passion. Today we tracked a couple of songs to capture some of that passion and vocals fresh, including singing live while I played along on guitar.

Once the day was done, I had some extra time to drive into Vancouver and find a Mongolian restaurant for a stir fry dinner. It was great. Things are wrapped up for me now and I am going to fly home to Phoenix tomorrow.

Just in case you think that flying to a cool location like Vancouver doesn't have its downside.  I will leave you with this photo of the fun pancake shapes that I missed at home that my kids were enjoying while I was singing away in the studio.  Seriously, if you get the chance to do something like this, my recommendation is to bring along family members to hang out with during the mornings, and evenings to enjoy the local stuff.  Plus, if you go to a place like Vancouver, they can find a ton of local cool things to do (like taking a ferry to Vancouver Island or such) while you are working hard in the studio.