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Music Reviews (by Kim Gentes)

Back in the mid-90's Kim began writing impromptu reviews of church music CDs (worship music) so that people who were looking for CDs would have an opinion from someone who is also a worship leader and is garnering music for local church use.  Up to this point, this was rarely something that was done, because church music was revered as sacred and it was thought that any offering of that sacred worship shouldn't be criticised or evaluated.  In fact, Kim wasn't as much a critic as he was an evaluator, helping people find what fit their church. He began posting his reviews on line in a email discussion forum, called the Worship List (website).  After a while, when he helped launch, he continued that same concept of trying to help other local church worship leaders and musicians find music that might be applicable to their situations.  The reviews continued to be a part of that. went on to grow a staff of writers that would add many more reviews to the collection they have, but Kim continued to participate as a key reviewer.  This journal logs all the reviews Kim has written on worship music CDs and projects.

Kim's reviews of CD projects of worship music includes independents, label and main stream recordings, but all having to do with worship music.

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Joyful Joyful (We Adore Thee) - Dunn & Wilt (2011)

Recently, I was looking for a version of Joyful, Joyful.  One of my first stops online was to see if Dunn & Wilt had a version. They did. I love it. Subtle piano-scaped corners with a core of electronic beat and pads is an apt description.  My Joyful, Joyful moment with this song occurred as I sang along with the song, all the while feeling like the Euro-pop soundscapes of the late 80's had somehow floated in the window.  Nicely arranged, simply sung and thoughtfully sparse at the most important moments, this is a great little peice of music.

The song, of course, was the original creation of Henry van Dyke, with Beethoven's music framing its poetic form.  Dunn & Wilt bring their signature expression to the song, and it takes a delightful form.  The nice thing is you don't have to believe me- you can go get the song yourself, for free.  No strings. They let you download it and its yours. Cool. Go check it out this way:

  1. Go to
  2. Then scroll down to the song "Joyful, Joyful (We Adore Thee)" and use the "Download album" button.
  3. Follow the instructions and pretty soon you have the song.

I love it! Thanks Dunn & Wilt.


Review by Kim Gentes