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The appearance of a movie in this review journal does not mean that the movie is endorsed by Kim.  He writes reviews of movies that he saw that he recommends people avoid as well as movies that he considers worth seeing.  Aside from just critical approval regarding the film, some movies may not be suitable for you or your family.  You must make that kind of determination on your own, and stay true to your own convictions on what is appropriate to see.  Some movies are well made, but have offensive or difficult subject matter that is questionable to many viewers. Again, the reviews listed here should not be your only filter for whether or not a film is appropriate for you and and your family.

Additionally, Kim has his own view on what movies are and why he thinks they are a worthwhile aspect of current culture to be investigated.  You certainly don't have to agree with Kim on his viewpoints of movies, and he would be surprised if you did.

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Movies are the modern art "experience" of our culture. They are transmitted in many forms, on screens in theatres, DVDs, television and even computers. They are the merge of classical theatrical acting and modern day technical set and experience creation (effects). The reason I enjoy and watch lots of movies is that they not only entertain, they communicate the nuances of our society. Of course, some have nothing to do with culture, its just greedy corporations trying to produce profits. I am a guy, and as such am not the ideal audience for romantic comedies or 'chick fliks'. However I am also a husband, and domestic bliss (as well as common sense) compels me to at least review them...occasionally.  For the most part, you will find I like (and therefor review a lot of ) action, drama, science fiction, suspense and similarly themed movies.

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Juliet, Naked (2018)

Juliet, Naked (Jesse Peretz)- Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke, Chris O'DowdHardly Worth Missing

Overall Grade: C
Story: B
Acting: B
Direction: C-
Visuals: C-

Summary: A romantic comedy of sorts.

"Juliet, Naked" is just about enough to charm you into believing the money you spent was not thrown away. It is filled with all the hot-button topics that I'd think would invigorate an artsy, middle-aged movie group: 60/70's pop culture & music, a small ocean front English town, a love-starved British woman with ego-centric man finds spark of love with tragically flawed (and aged) American rock star reborn to the responsibilities and cares of others, and the banality and self-interest of online "critics" getting its "due" judgement.

Rose Byrne plays Annie- the perfect, optimistic, love-star, with warm smile and purest heart, pining against the drab world of reality that seems to have her trapped as the curator of the tiny museum in her small English port town.

Ethan Hawke plays the crusty, failed but learned American rock star that has a tiny cult following reprised in internet chat rooms and blog sites.

But the best character is Chris O'Dowd's sniveling, self-absorbed, small-town college professor whose ignorance of personal responsibility plays a close third place to his single digit emotional IQ and gaping black hole of self-awareness. You don't just love hating him, you love yourself for hating him. Not since M*A*S*H's Frank Burns have we seen such a childishly devolved emotional man. But this time, it isn't for humor. At least not primarily. He gives us the reason for Annie's connection and launch into a love interest with Hawke's character.

Ah, the obvious rom-com joy...

The weaker performances in this movie are put in by the director and the cinematographer.  In a movie that has a funny and inventive script, with actually skilful acting, the director seems to be asleep at the helm. I kept thinking that juxtapositions, twists and shots would be waking me up from the sleepy surroundings of the scene settings. But nothing. And for a film set primarily on a coastal town, we see remarkably nothing of scenic vistas, charming pull-away shots or venturesome offbeat "life" shots from the supporting cast of the movie. One wonders what happened to leadership of this film .. sleep? Too many pub visits?

That said, I did like the film for what it is, a stumbling little romantic comedy that does get you to smile in the end..


Review by Kim Gentes