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The appearance of a movie in this review journal does not mean that the movie is endorsed by Kim.  He writes reviews of movies that he saw that he recommends people avoid as well as movies that he considers worth seeing.  Aside from just critical approval regarding the film, some movies may not be suitable for you or your family.  You must make that kind of determination on your own, and stay true to your own convictions on what is appropriate to see.  Some movies are well made, but have offensive or difficult subject matter that is questionable to many viewers. Again, the reviews listed here should not be your only filter for whether or not a film is appropriate for you and and your family.

Additionally, Kim has his own view on what movies are and why he thinks they are a worthwhile aspect of current culture to be investigated.  You certainly don't have to agree with Kim on his viewpoints of movies, and he would be surprised if you did.

Kim's thoughts on movies -

Movies are the modern art "experience" of our culture. They are transmitted in many forms, on screens in theatres, DVDs, television and even computers. They are the merge of classical theatrical acting and modern day technical set and experience creation (effects). The reason I enjoy and watch lots of movies is that they not only entertain, they communicate the nuances of our society. Of course, some have nothing to do with culture, its just greedy corporations trying to produce profits. I am a guy, and as such am not the ideal audience for romantic comedies or 'chick fliks'. However I am also a husband, and domestic bliss (as well as common sense) compels me to at least review them...occasionally.  For the most part, you will find I like (and therefor review a lot of ) action, drama, science fiction, suspense and similarly themed movies.

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I Can Only Imagine (2018)

I Can Only Imagine (Irwin Brothers)- J. Michael Finley, Madeline Carroll, Trade Adkins, Dennis Quaid, Priscilla Shirer, Cloris LeachmanA Movie of Honesty and Redemption

Overall Grade: A-
Story: A+
Acting: A
Direction: B+
Visuals: B

Summary: In the last 5 years, I've seen literally hundreds of movies. This last week I saw "I Can Only Imagine". For the first time since "Passion of the Christ", I felt like I watched a movie about the Christian faith that didn't ask me to excuse it from the expectation of high production values, strong story, well-written script, good acting and great music. I am unapologetically recommending this movie!

I both enjoyed and applaud the efforts of the creative crew who made this film. If you are someone who wants to know if a film is worth your cash, this is one I think is.

Bart Millard is the songwriter of the song, "I Can Only Imagine", an anthem that went on to become the most popular single in the history of Christian music. He is played by actor J. Michael Finley. If you don't recognize him, that's ok. Most people will not have heard of him outside of Broadway and other stage play venue appearances to his credit. This quieter public imprint doesn't stop Finley from performing admirably as Bart, a real life character that Finely portrays well and believably. And Finley is hardly alone on this film, as he is flanked by a solid support cast of screen veterans Dennis Quaid, Trace Adkins, Cloris Leachman, and Madeline Carroll.

Dennis Quaid plays Arthur Millard, the father of the MercyMe frontman Bart Millard, and puts in a performance that is both believable and powerful. The movie is a very personal story and doesn't shy away from the reality of real relationships. Ultimately the story is about redemption, not just of the spiritual kind you'd expect but between an abusive father and a searching son- both of whom become broken by life's journey.

I won't say more, except this- go see this movie. You won't regret it..


Review by Kim Gentes