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Forty Years of Church Music Resources - a historical timeline by Kim Gentes

A Visual History of the Development Modern Worship Resources. The timeline below represents the changes that occured in church music resources over the last 40 years.

This diagram is extracted from the book "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide". Details of this progression and its components are highlighted in the first section of the book, which entails a history of these resources across several different tracts which all meet in the form of our present day reality.

The first section of the book is included here is a promotional free download, allowing you to sample the content. We hope you find this interesting, and enjoyable!

FREE DOWNLOAD: The diagram (below) and the first section of the book from which it is extracted are available here as a free sample download in PDF format. Simply click HERE and download the ebook section for free.


I ask that if you enjoy this timeline and information that you share it with a friend.  The entire book, along with all sections, reviews and details is available for sale at various locations and formats including the author/publisher, and in ebook format at the Amazon Kindle book store (Kindle UK here; Kindle Germany here). I hope that you enjoy this timeline and feel free to browse the rest of, which has (literally) hundreds of other free resources, articles, downloads, videos and more. I pray it enriches and encourages worship in you and your local church.

You are welcome to post any comments or feedback below.

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