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Acoustic Guitar I - Chord Style Rhythm Guitar Course (Instructor: Kim Gentes)

Course: Acoustic Guitar I - Chord Style Rhythm Guitar Course 

Instructor: Kim Gentes

When: Beginning Tuesday, May 26 at 6:30pm.

Where: Gilbert Vineyard Church, 601 S. Cooper Rd, Gilbert AZ

Duration: 8 week course.

Cost: $30

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Course Description: Acoustic Guitar I - an introductory, 8 week, class for learning chord style, rhythm guitar. The course is focused on open face chords, basic rhythms, hand positions, strumming techniques and practice skills. The class is 8 weeks in duration and requires a guitar, pick and willing student. There is an expectation of approximately 20 minutes of practice per day for the duration of the course. Upon completion, the student will be able to play most open faced chords, 3 basic rhythms, have memorized 4 songs and be able to play many worship songs.

The goal of this course is to equip a person with basic acoustic guitar skills in order to help facilitate worship in a small group setting.


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