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Finally. The Answer to What is Really Wrong with the Church (ThinkJump Journal #108 with Kim Gentes)

Me. I am part of the problem with the church. Why? Because I am human. Because I just don't care enough or as deeply as I should about the important things that really matter. I am preoccupied and concerned more about my life than I am about others. I have failed to love as Jesus teaches us to.

and you. Spending time looking for where the blame lies is also part of the problem. Not attending to the solution, but glaring at those failing. Refusing to forgive as Jesus taught us to.

The church is broken because people are broken. But the answer is not throwing away the community, or the God who has called the community together. Jesus promised to return for His church. 

God, come to us. Bring your kingdom reign here on earth, now. Make it as active and alive as it is already around your throne in the heavens. Heal us.  Help me to be caring, and to care. Make us the community that begins to look like the glorious and clean, radiant bride you will one day celebrate with on that great day. Help us stop saying things and doing things to manipulate others to do our will. Instead, may your will be done. Help us forgive, like you forgive. Help us trust you to take care of each day, as we live faithfully and kindly in each day, treating others as we'd like to be treated.  We need your love, Lord.  We need it because ours is dead or empty. We need it because the brokeness and heartache around us is more than we have the resources to help. Jesus, come help us.

--Kim Gentes