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Download:"How To Do Worship Team Auditions", 2 Free Songs, Web Apps and more.

dateWelcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 25. This issue includes six excellent worship resources for you. We hope this edition includes some useful, inspiring and fun resources that you can put to use in your local church worship ministry. Let's get right to it.

  1. First, downloadable training kit on Worship Team Auditions. Are they right for your church? How can you do them well?
  2. Second, an announcement about a new resource that has released- Ultimate Worship Resource Guide- detailed reviews of over 100 top worship resources
  3. Third, a free web app for having fun with music! Otomata is an odd merger of fun, internet, math and music. Possibly one of the coolest free music gadgets that could waste a ton of your time. Just good, ole fashion, web/music fun.
  4. Fourth, a FREE Song- MP3 full length studio recording with Andy Park, of the song Holy Holy Is the Lord Almighty. Plus free chord chart, inteview video with Andy and free live acoustic version video
  5. Reviews! Follow our link to our Facebook and twitter page, where we will release over 50 reviews of worship albums from the last 15 years. An online anthology of a decade and a half of reviews from classic to modern worship.
  6. Finally, Christmas in July! FREE Modern Worship Christmas Song "I Will Remember"- MP3/Tracks/Sheet Music PDF/Video of full length studio recording. All complete free.

In His love,
Kim Gentes

Are Worship Team Auditions for Your Church? How Can You Do Them Well?


Holding Worship Team Auditions: Why? When? How? A Method for local churches.

For years, I worked through how to build a team in a "worship band" format. I tried volunteers, training up musicians, bringing in friends and many other things. After a while, I settled on the realization that recruiting for worship and music is something that can be helped by developing a good process. This format is one mechanism that can help in building a worship team. Auditions aren't for every one, or every church. But where they fit, they can be very helpful. Below is a method I developed from years of pastoring worship teams. I don't expect people to use this method exactly as is. Use what you can, and modify it to fit your church. Each situation will require different understanding and application of God's wisdom.

Included is a complete kit, ready for use in local churches:
  1. Hold On - Article to consider BEFORE using Auditions
  2. Worship Team Auditions PDF- Powerpoint/PDF training guide for worship leaders
  3. Worship Team Auditions MP3 - training guide teaching mp3 (accompanies the above PDF notes)
  4. Worship Team Evaluation Sheet PDF -a useful printable sample of something to help you with auditions.
  5. Worship Band Auditions XLS File - an excel spreadsheet for collecting and collating evaluation sheet information.

This entire resource kit is online, free for download. It has already been used and referenced by hundreds of churches around the world. It is intended as a free resource for local churches. It is not meant to be a panacea, but one method. Feel free to use it as you feel it fits your local situation. Feel free to take parts of it and adapt it for your local church. More info right here.



NEW: Don Moen, Dan Wilt, Tom Kraueter Rave about "Ultimate Worship Resource"


Rave reviews have been coming in on the book "2011 Ultimate Worship Resource Guide: Songs & Media Edition"!

""Kim Gentes…is probably the world's most esteemed industry expert when it comes to reviewing worship resources. This Guide is fair, honest, and laced with the kind of practical insight only a fellow worship ministry leader could have…"
Dan Wilt, M.Min.,

See other reviews by Don Moen, Dr. Peter Fitch, and Tom Kraeuter here.

Learn more about this valuable resource, that is built to help you save time & money, find top quality visual media, find new songs, get free music, locate downloadable band arrangements and hymns and much, much more. Includes a unique "book owners" only web companion portal!

Learn More or Buy Book

Online Fun! Internet, Music and Math: How to Waste Time With Three Fun Things

Remember the promises of science fiction? Well, things haven't turned out quite the way the Jetsons promised us. When they said "Flying cars, robotic servants, instant meals", we didn't know they meant "Southwest Airlines, automated sales calls to our cell phones, and McDonald's happy meals". But who's to blame? Well certainly not Batuhan Bozkurt.

Batuhan is a "sound artist" and programmer living in Istanbul, Turkey. And he has done his part in bringing forth the joyous reality of that fantasy of almost all great science fiction- the fusion of technology and art. But is it that hoped-for utopia where ones own thoughts of melodies were enough for mind-reading computers to generate the symphonic masterpeices of the future? Mr. Bozkurt doesn't promise such glorious realities, but he takes the needed baby-steps for our neophite, web-connected world. He calls it Otomata...




FREE Song: Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty

This month we are featuring the song "Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty" in three different ways (all FREE). We hope you listen to this song and that it brings some encouragement to you, that our Holy God is on the throne of heaven and calls to reign in our hearts. Click here to get the free MP3, Chord Chart and demonstration video!



15 Years of Modern Worship: We'll Review 50 Albums in 50 Days!


We started on the Internet in 1993 and by 1994 we were connecting with other worshipers and leaders online. A lot has changed in the last 15 years of worship. We review 15 years of modern worship albums in the next 50 days. One album review per day.

Chime in and tell us what you think of the album each day, as we walk forward to the present, starting back with 1998.

It starts today. You can follow the reviews on twitter or on Facebook. We'll release a new album review each day, so stay tuned!

Follow us Facebook, right here.

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Christmas in July: Free Modern Worship Christmas Song "I Will Remember"

It's July! What better time to start planning for Christmas? :) Well, we have put a complete collection of resources together for the song "I Will Remember", a modern worship Christmas song. From audio (MP3, tracks mp3), print PDFs(8 different instrument scores, harmony vocals score, master score, lead sheet, guitar chart), to video MPEG (with or without lyrics, click-track, performance tracks and more) even including presentation files (Powerpoint or text to import to your favorite presentation software)! The complete Christmas suite is downloadable and free!


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