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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 64. This issue includes 5 different resources. First we list three (3) excellent online forums for worship leaders/teams/musicians who are looking for networks to connect. Second is a free song by Daniel Bashta - "Let Hope In". Third, is an article/video called "John Wimber/ Testimony of a Worship Pioneer". Fourth is a book review of Patrick Lencioni's "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team"- a great book on building a healthy, functioning team. Finally, the "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide" is available free in two places- find out where!

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Join In! 3 Discussion Forums for you!


If you are interested in engaging in discussions and exchange in a community that is focused on worship, leadership, music and ministry, we highly recommend three that may be of interest. All are free. Choose the one that suites your social style best!

Worship Leaders, Musicians & Teams [FACEBOOK]- a group on "Facebook". This online forum is great for talking with others via the largest social network on the topic of worship, leadership, music and teams. Check it out here.

Worship Music & Ministry [LINKEDIN]- a group in the "LinkedIn" network. This online forum is great for talking with others via a web interface on the topic of worship and music. Check it out here.

Worship Music List [EMAIL/GOOGLE GROUPS]- a google groups discussion group. Talk in a group forum via email or online via a web interface. Check it out here.

FREE SONG: "Let Hope In" (Daniel Bashta)

This issue we are pleased to give you access to the audio MP3 (studio recording) and chord chart for the song "Let Hope In" as a free download for a limited time directly here, so you will find it below. Special thanks to our friends at Integrity Music!

Let Everything is written by Daniel, Josiah and Taylor Bashta and is a prayer/intercession song for congregational worship. If you haven't had a chance to hear or try it in your local church- download it here. Included is both an audio MP3 and a PDF chord chart.

Free Song Download "Let Hope In" by Daniel, Josiah and Taylor Bashta

Click here to download the free song MP3 and chord chart!



ARTICLE: John Wimber/Testimony of a Worship Pioneer


One of the most encouraging, thoughtful, kind-hearted and humble men I have ever heard is John Wimber. While he wasn't a personal friend, I had the opportunity to talk with him three times and each time I found his insights and demeanor to be unique and impactive. No doubt many of you would have heard of John. He was the leader who grew and led the group of Vineyard churches from just a handful of fellowships in Southern California to several hundred congregations around the world. He also was a pivotal force in the development of modern worship music around the entire world, both as a profound shift in musical style and in lyrical focus (John was never ashamed to admit that he felt Vineyard was called to write "love songs" to God)... These are things many of you may already know.

But what many do not know is the humble and honest origins in which John first encountered God, encountered the church and began his journey into ministry. This remains one of remarkable poignancy, not just because of its authenticity, but because of its relevancy even to this day... It remains an insightful, even humorous, testimony of the great love of God and His invitation to call each of us to to be a "fool for Christ"

Watch his video testimony here...



REVIEW: "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" (Patrick Lencioni)

"The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" is a written as a business book, helping teams to explore what keeps them from doing the best they can, working together, working through conflict and staying accountable for results. At first blush, you might wonder why this is of application to Christian leaders. But I would encourage you to consider this book in your reading. Simply, it has wisdom about how to build and work in teams- wisdom that is helpful for teams of all kinds, especially those whose collective goals are more important than the egos of the individual team members.

This should be especially true of Christians- the goals in the ministry teams should transcend the petty desires of individual ego that can sometimes overshadow team goals. Because these are areas we need to attend to in Christian teams as well, I highly recommend this book. It is frank, clear, and uses a "life-as-reality" story to exemplify how dysfunctional teams can be faced, evaluated, and challenged to change. Again, this book can be as helpful for Christian ministry as it is to business teams, if we can look at our ministry teams with humility, honesty and willingness to change.

Read more about it...



Get "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide" Free!




There are TWO ways you can get the "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide" for free. This means literally millions of people have access to read the book for free through their memberships with either of a couple of great sources. By simply being a member of either (a service that thousands of worship leaders, pastors, musicians and pastors subscribe to) or Amazon Prime & Kindle owner (a membership service of Amazon that has millions of users) you can download and read the book with no cost. Click here for the details on accessing the book via each of those membership programs. 

Again, if you are a member of either or Amazon Prime (you must also be a Kindle owner), you can access this complete book for free! Check it out now!

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