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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 50. This issue includes three worship resources. The first is a video and article about "Social Technology and Connection". Second is a review of the book "God's Singers", which is about choirs in the modern church, handling both philosophy and practical topics on implementing a worship leading choir! Finally there is a free chapter download of the Ultimate Worship Resource Guide!

Kim Gentes

Social Technology And Connection


Back in 1998 I was asked to present a teaching on technology and media, from a Christian perspective. From 1999 through 2003, I presented that teaching at conferences in the US and Canada. It was nothing ground breaking, but it did scratch the surface of what would later become an increasingly powerful force in our society- the role of technology in our personal lives. One of the key themes that arose from this study was a concern that we do not allow technology to supplant our real relationships for information and connection that has no accountability. I summarized it this way:

Technology and media have increasingly become tools allowing us to communicate without the demands of real relationship. We are in constant danger of allowing ourselves to connect and engage without accountability.

This last week, I discovered an excellent TED talk on this same subject (thanks to Vicki Beeching's great blog!). Sherry Turkle's presentation is a poignant and well thought out consideration of how social technology is redefining the actual psychology of people and changing the otherwise normal development of conversation and self-reflection in the human personality. I found the points and conclusions she arrives at to be very profound. I felt that rather than bringing my points to bear on this, I would rather point to this TED talk, where Turkle does a great job of articulating the salient points...

Watch the VIDEO here for more, and please join in and share your own thoughts!



BOOK REVIEW: "God's Singers"/Dave Williamson

The last 20 years has changed the church music landscape drastically. But do choirs need to be a casualty of this change? Dave Williamson, one of the most respected voices influencing modern choirs in the last 20 years, says an emphatic "no". His brilliant new book, "God's Singers", reshapes the vision of the church choir from performance group to a God-centered, worship leading troupe.

The book alternates between both heart and practical issues of choirs, helping you move into gradual change of developing a choir that can be good technically and in its motives. You will be challenged, encouraged, and wisely taught from one of the best minds and practitioners in church music...

...Whether you are thinking about starting a choir in your modern church or need direction for moving it forward from its current languishing, I can't urge you more strongly to consider Williamson's new book "God's Singers". Every church pastor and worship leader should read this book! You won't be disappointed!

Read full review HERE...



Book: "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide" (free chapter download)


The Ultimate Worship Resource Guide has been lauded by worship leaders, teachers and pastors such as Don Moen, Tom Kraeuter, Dan Wilt and others as the "must have" handbook for worship resources for worshiping churches. We wanted to give you a sample of the guide to check it out for yourself.

Below is the first section of the book that contains a sample of what you will find in the full, complete edition. This download is free and is available in PDF format. If you find it helpful, please forward this on to a friend. We hope you enjoy this.

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