date 7 Free Downloads from a Crazy Summer...

It's been a crazy summer. But it's over. Kid's are back in school. Christmas planning has started.

This edition is a summary of our most popular download resources from the summer. Send this to all your friends. It's free. No signup, no email. Just download and enjoy!

Kim Gentes

7 Free Downloads


No messing around. Here they are.

  1. eBook Chapter (Download) - 35 page free ebook PDF chapter download from "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide: Songs & Media Edition".
  2. Video (Download) - Watch or download a full video on "How To Lead Worship for A Funeral" a special training White Board Worship Training download from Dan Wilt.
  3. Christmas Song Suite (Download) - "I Will Remember" is modern worship Christmas song with 20 media files including (including mp3 audio, MPEG video, PDF sheet music and presentation files)
  4. Children's Worship Song (Download)- "Jesus Is My Friend" is a children's pre-school worship song with 5 resource file downloads (including MP3 audio, chord chart/lyrics, lead line PDf, Piano/Vocal PDF, and MIDI file)
  5. Modern Worship Song (Download) - "You're My Refuge" is a modern worship song that is a featured download from the album Kingdom Rain (includes mp3 audio, and PDF chord chart, and instructional videos)
  6. Worship Ministry Job Templates (Download) - 14 different template files for worship ministry positions in many local churches. Just a simple helpful set of files that can sometimes help if you are organizing or re-organizing your worship ministry.
  7. Worship Team Auditions Method (Download) - full length audio teaching with MP3, Powerpoint PDF slides, Evaluation sheet (for your use) and Excel spreadsheet to use with the evaluations sheet. A complete method for your use as you consider worship team auditions for a modern church.
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