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dateWelcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 3. The goal for the newsletter is to provide a great articles and resources to the community of worshippers and leaders across the globe. We have two strong features this issue (both free):

* MP3 download and powerpoint teaching on "Creating a Culture of Love" from Dr. Peter Fitch

* Video & PDF download teaching "Are You In Your Element?" for those involved in worship ministry by Dan Wilt.


Hope you find these two resources helpful.
Kim Gentes

Creating a Culture of Love!

image   A few years ago, I was a student in an intensive at St. Stephen's University in Canada. One thing that impacted me strongly during the intensive, was the clear experience of community that reverberated throughout the students, staff and church that we connected with while there. One of the professors was Dr. Peter Fitch. He is also a local pastor there. A couple years later, I invited Pete to speak in Arizona on the topic of community. The mp3 audio and powerpoint of that session are available for you here.



Are You In Your Element?


Dan Wilt is a great friend. He runs WorshipTraining.com. I asked him if he could make us a free training download, to just give away to worship teams around the world.

Dan came through! He gave us a free full length training session that includes hi-res video, downloadable PDF teaching/discussion sheet and free access to the discussion forums and cafe campus at his worshiptraining.com. Wow!

If you haven't heard of WorshipTraining.com yet, here is a beautiful free training package you and your team can enjoy. Thanks Dan! Thanks WorshipTraining.com! Download it free, below!


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