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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 91. This issue includes an excellent training opportuntity taking place in Nashville TN! There are very few conferences or events that I personally endorse- but this is one. If you are serious about growing your heart, skills and relationships in the ministry of local church worship, I highly recommend this event and these leaders!

Kim Gentes

"Worship Leader Bootcamp"- a unique training event for worship leaders, seeking practical instruction, peer connections and personal mentoring.

Tues, Jun 14 - Fri, Jun 1

The Worship Leader Bootcamp is for anyone age 18 to 35 who wants to take their worship leadership to the next level. If you are new to leading worship, or need a tune up & fresh inspiration – this event is for you! We will cover on-stage elements such as band dynamics, sound, vocal and instrument training. Additionally, will cover the off-stage elements including band administration, discipleship of musicians, and soul care. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for you! Nothing compares to hands-on training with gifted teachers and mentors.

Additional topics will include:

  • Soul Care: Developing Your Green Space with God
  • The $200 Voice Lesson
  • Administrating Worship
  • Biblical Foundations of Worship
  • Running More Effective Rehearsals
  • Making Music Like a Producer

Click to see a short video or for more details.

(watch the video here...)



  • Sound Workshop – We will all learn the basics of the soundboard
  • Recording Workshop – Including a visit a Nashville Recording studio!
  • Drum + Bass Day – Learn the basics of the foundation of the band
  • Electric Guitar, Keys + Vocal Day – Learn the basics of the emotion of the band
  • Songwriting Workshop + Song Share Circles




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