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LAW: New "Carry-On" Law for Guitars on Airplanes!!

Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 87. This issue focuses on two fresh resources. First is the online worship planner resource "". Second, "Worship Leader/Musician's Guide to the New Instrument Carry-On Law for Air Travel" is an essential new article for everyone who might be traveling by airline with a guitar or other instrument!!

Kim Gentes

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Article: Musician & Worship Leader's Guide to the Musical Instrument "Carry-On" Law for Air Travel- Kim Gentes

A couple weeks ago, I was headed out on a vacation to Hawaii. While in Hawaii, I planned to lead a worship night on the island. So now, as the trip was about to embark I cautiously awaited that one fear every musician has before boarding a plane- what will happen to my guitar?!

Fortunately, I had prepared ahead of time and got the research done on the new law, and some details on how the airplane policies intersect with that. For those that haven't heard, a new law was introduced...which describes the requirement upon airlines to provide adequate accommodations for passengers traveling with musical instruments.

The law is crisp and simple. Airlines must allow you to carry-on your guitar (with no charge), but only if two conditions exist. What are those conditions, and what do you need to know ? Click here for more about this important new air travel law for musicians and their instruments!





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