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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 86. This issue focuses on three fresh resources. First is a new book "Mentoring Worship Leaders" focusing on training the next generation of worship leaders by authors Tom Kraeuter, Kent Henry, Karen Lafferty, Kim Gentes and many others. Second, "The Biblical Story In 66 Verses" is an article for everyone! Finally, the EVENT: "Praise in Paradise: A Night of Worship In Hilo, Hawaii!" is a Night of Worship Event coming up this SATURDAY!

Kim Gentes

BOOK: "Mentoring Worship Leaders"- Kraeuter + others

...Last year, a friend of mine, Tom Kraeuter (author of 20+ books on worship) asked me if I would contribute to a book he was writing on mentoring worship leaders. Tom knew that for a book to be a true resource across churches and denominations it needed to have a broad perspective. He asked 10 worship leaders, mentors and teachers to contribute their best thoughts and ideas to a comprehensive book that would help other leaders have some helpful guides as they begin mentoring or the process of being mentored in their local churches and ministries.

The result of this collaboration is "Mentoring Worship Leaders", the book you see here. I am not only pleased with the book as a whole but have added more great insights to my own tool chest by reading the contributions of others such as Monte Kelso, Kent Henry, Karen Lafferty, and others. There are very few books that even attempt to cover the topic of worship leadership mentoring, and even fewer that provide more than just a single perspective. If you are considering mentoring others or are looking for mentoring guidance yourself, I honestly believe the book can open up some insights and possibilities to you in doing this. Watch the video below to get a brief overview of the book from Tom.


If you are a worship leader mentoring others, or a person looking for tools for your own mentoring journey, I highly recommend this book, not just because I contributed to it, but because it is an excellent resource. (read more here...)




Article: The Biblical Story In 66 Verses - Kim Gentes

The primary narrative of the Christian and Jewish faiths is archived in the pages of the bible. While the bible includes 66 separate books, it remains a compelling, powerful storyline. The narrative arc speaks of God's work of creation and humanity, the subsequent failure of humans in the garden, God's project of redemption manifesting through His relationship with an individual (Abraham), a tribe (Hebrews), a nation (Israel), a king (David), prophets, and eventually a Savior (Jesus), in which YHWH (the Lord) sent His Son to plant the promise of His redemption into the heart of the human world and declare His love for all creation. Upon the fruition of that redemption (in the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus) the Holy Spirit was released to build a new people, the Church, who would


bring the promise (in word and deed) of the redemptive Jesus to the rest of the world...

...If you haven't yet taken the opportunity to attempt to read through the entire narrative of the Biblical story in a short time, perhaps this short collection of verses can inspire you to begin to drink in the narrative anchoring the subplots of the scriptural books. Creation appears. Humanity falls. God is on the move with redemption. YHWH, the Ancient One who appeared to Moses, has continued His work. Jesus has come. The Holy Spirit is released. And now you are at the precipice of the next chapter of God's story. I hope and pray that this collection of quotes from the Bible whets your appetite to this story of God. One verse per book.

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EVENT:"Praise In Paradise- Night of Worship / House Party in Hilo Hawaii" - THIS SATURDAY!


House Party, Food and Night of Worship:
with Kim Gentes & Joshua Ripley
SATURDAY, SEPT 12 @ 6:00pm

Come join us for food (potluck) and worship!

A fun time of worship, music, community, food and ministry in Hilo, HI. Come and join in the voice of the gathered church. This night of worship and ministry is open to all! There is no cost or registration required, but come early. Everyone is welcome! Think of it as a home party with God as the main guest! The joy will be ours to just come and gather as we lift Him up, and bless His name.


More Info : Get more details on web here
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