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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 84. This issue focuses on four fresh resources. First is a review of "Everything And Nothing Less" a fresh collection of new songs from Jesus Culture's Chris McClarney. Second, is a review of the book "A Case For The Psalms: Why They Are Essential" from NT Wright. Third, "Worship Leaders: the #1 Tip That Will Change Your Life!" is an article for leaders! Finally, the EVENT: "Facedown to Voices Loud" is a Night of Worship Event with Andy Park!

Kim Gentes

REVIEW: "Everything & Nothing Less"- Chris McClarney

Chris McClarney's new project "Everything and Nothing Less" is the best live album I've heard yet to come out of Jesus Culture Music. The anthemic and melodic sounds of soaring vocals on a bed of electric guitars and thundering drums has been the hallmark of the sound coming from the youth music birthed from Bethel Church in Redding California. And Chris McClarney is not a new-comer to this influential group. His song "You Love Never Fails" (originally included in the 2008 live album from Jesus Culture of the same name) was the main anthem of their music for several years... "Everything and Nothing Less" is a concise and brilliant collection of great songs. Excellent lyric writing, beautiful melodic hooks, and compelling music that beckons the listener to abandon their hearts and souls in a Holy Moment to the God of Miracles who is an All Consuming Fire.


These are, in fact, the first three tracks of the album, and they represent three of the best new songs I've heard in the last 10 years....If you've been saving your money for that one album you will buy this year- this is it. Seriously. Fortunately, with today's tech, you can hear extended samples of every song (on Amazon or iTunes) before you commit to buying. This is one project you must buy the entire album for- don't get just a few tracks. It's that good. (read more here...)

REVIEW: "A Case For the Psalms"- N.T. Wright

The weight of most books by NT Wright focus on biblical history, theological concepts and important themes that flow as the undercurrent of the biblical narrative and its teachings. Most prominent of these is Wright's understanding of the mission of Christ, his place in Hebrew history, his embodiment of so many concepts (such as Torah, Temple and prophet), and the kind of kingdom that He inaugurated and passed on to the Christian church through the apostles and early disciples. What all this teaching does, however, can only be properly understood through the world in which Jesus was originally speaking- the world of the first century Jewish tradition. And nothing so profoundly and deeply saturated the Jewish tradition and devotion as the poems and songs of the Old Testament: The Psalms...

...The book is arranged in sections primarily answering how the use of the Psalms explore and invite the reader into the reality of God's kingdom. It is a reality which infuses us with the wholly right kind of Christian "worldview", not expressed in or as politics and dogma, but as the time, space and matter through which God, the world, and human beings encounter each other.


These three concepts of God's time, God's space and God's matter are at the heart of Wright's exploration of the Psalms. And if that were all the book contained, it would be well worth your time and investment. But there is something more personal for Wright here. The last two sections of the book (which, at just a couple hundred pages, is much shorter than almost all of his other works) contain a personal testimony and appeal to the church to consider the Psalms as their own life-transforming songbook and poetry...

This is another excellent book by NT Wright. It is easily his most personal and passionate work. If you are worship leader, this should be your #1 next book to read. But any person at any place in life could really benefit from this book. And then, follow its prescription- read the Psalms. Daily. Regularly. After Simply Christian, this is my favorite book from NT Wright. Excellent.

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Article: Worship Leaders: The #1 Tip That Will Change Your Life - Kim Gentes

Fellow worship leaders.. about 7 years ago I made a trip to Canada to gather with other worship leaders and pastors in a small retreat center in NB Canada. It was one of the first 2 week intensives put on through St. Stephen's University and hosted by Dan Wilt. I had been resourcing, mentoring and training leaders in local and national contexts for years but that weekend changed my life. It was an experience that profoundly impacted my journey and continues to do so. One small thing prepared me for the 2 week experience- reading.


I know. It sounds so "academic" and "laborsome". Frankly, that is how I found it too. But I came away with a deep appreciation, founded in that experience that I had really learned about learning. What I learned was this- real learning takes work. Real truth is not always simple. And life lessons are not always summated in 140 character blurbs. Some of the truths that may change your life, save your marriage, stop your habitual sinning, shape your thinking and awaken your passion can only be articulated in full length, well thought books... The problem is, they won't help you if you never take the time to read.. here is some practical help..

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EVENT: "Facedown to Voices Loud"- a Night of Worship with Andy Park and Kim Gentes (Gilbert, AZ)


From Facedown to Voices Loud :
A Night of Worship
with Andy Park & Kim Gentes
Friday, July 24 @ 6:30pm

Jehoshaphat bowed down with his face to the ground, and all the people… fell down in worship before the LORD. The Levites stood to their feet to praise God… they praised at the top of their lungs!
2 Chron 20:18-19

Join Us for the Party!
Vineyard Community Church
601 S. Cooper Rd, Gilbert AZ!

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