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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 80. This issue includes 3 different resources. First, "Can You Ask For Help?" is an article about how Christians deal with asking for help- what stops us from asking and why we fear asking for help in local churches. Second is a book review of "Thirty Stories of Hope", a devotional-styled encouragement book of beautiful stories collected and presented by radio talk host Dan Wilt. Plus, included with the review of the Thirty Stories book is a completely free download from the author! Finally, third is FREE DOWNLOAD (MP3 Audio, Lead sheet & Chord chart) of the song "My Soul Longs" from the great new worship album, "The Neverclaim"!

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ARTICLE: "Can You Ask for Help?"

Times of disorientation are often precipitated by some form of change. And it is change that seems to find us at a point of weakness, one which we hadn't anticipated on being tested. A sense of entitlement comes with past successes and we are surprised by discouraging results, feeling as though it isn't fair to be challenged in our area or moment of vulnerability. I have begun to believe (through the teachings of historical writings from church leaders) that much of our facing of such troubles is, in fact, a holy fire sent from God. Not all times, but even those which are sent from the enemy are ultimately forces which God's watchful eye has allowed to come and challenge us (He works all things together for the good of those who love him).

But you know all of that. Here are two simple thoughts about asking your church community for help.

Call Out To Your Local Church for help...

But the church has failed me in the past...

This article unpacks these two points and faces the reality of asking for help- what stops us from asking, what it feels like, how it happens, and what hope we can look for.

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BOOK REVIEW: "Thirty Stories of Hope"- Dan Wilt

SPECIAL DOWNLOAD for DWN Readers: "5 'Makes' of Great Relationships" by Dan Wilt (see bottom of the review)

I've read a lot of books that deal with Christian topics, but many of them diverge into two camps: A) theoretical advice that falls far afield from the reality of having to live here on earth, and B) personal stories of victory and rescue that seem as foreign and contrived as movie fiction with no connection to what might actually help me.

What I love about Dan Wilt's book, Thirty Stories of Hope, is that he is our "everyman" talking about real life stories that meet you and I on the playing field of life, not some super-stardom miraculous happenings that never seem to happen to you and I. Dan talks about moms, dads, children, working, friends, struggles and real life- and shows the absolutely glorious rays of hope that shine into our lives from the source of true hope- God Himself. I won't share details of these stories because they are rich in their reading and well worth the individual time to digest one a day until you've filled up with the kind of life-giving inspiration Dan weaves with words. Dan's gift is story-telling, and judging from the 2 million listeners he speaks to each week, there is little doubt that his message is heard, loud and clear...

...I love this book because I can read something reasonably sized for my busy day and just let it digest for 24 hours. Some times I feel like a story is good enough for a few days. But I like that the book is set up for busy people like me. The story is powerful but succinct. Each story has a theme, a real life application and a foundational scripture verse he ties things together with.

I can't recommend this book enough. Really, it is a great treasure.

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Also, after talking with author Dan Wilt, he wanted to give away a free devotional download to our Digital Worship News subscribers. MAKE SURE TO READ the review and get the FREE DOWNLOAD. No signup, or anything, just download the PDF (here).



FREE SONG: "My Soul Longs" by the Neverclaim

This issue we are pleased to give you access to the song MY SOUL LONGS by the Neverclaim. This includes the following:

  • Audio MP3 (studio recording)
  • Lead sheet
  • Chord chart

Special thanks to our friends at Essential Worship/Provident Music!

My Soul Longs is written by Jeremiah Carlson and is a worshipful song expressing our yearning desire for God's promised return. If you haven't had a chance to hear or try it in your local church- download it here. Included is an audio MP3, PDF lead sheet and a PDF chord chart.

Free Song Download "My Soul Longs" by Jeremiah Carlson.

Click here to download the free song MP3, lead sheet and chord chart!


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