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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 71. This issue includes 3 different resources. First is a review of the eclectic live worship album "Only A Shadow", from worship leader Misty Edwards. Second is a fun article called "Can Enchiladas Save Your Soul"- cheesy but spiritual. Finally, is a free song download "God Is Here" which is a free MP3 and chord chart download of a wonderful song from Darlene Zschech's latest album!

Kim Gentes

REVIEW: "Only A Shadow"- Misty Edwards


So far, this year has been a pleasant surprise with some exceptional albums that have released already from Kim Walker-Smith's "Still Believe" (Jesus Culture), Passion's and Tomlin's perennial releases, Darlene Zschech's brilliant "Revealing Jesus" and now the most dynamic live recording you may ever hear- "Only A Shadow [live]" by Misty Edwards. Edwards is a worship leader and songwriter with International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City. Her new album, released by Forerunner, is recorded in conjunction with the OneThing conference just held a few months ago.

Describing this album would be almost impossible without words such as prophetic, spontaneous and dramatic. Edwards style and her musical and vocal nuances evoke comparisons to the modern rock drama- especially when you consider the lyrical content she is covering. This album is enthralling and worshipful- a moving experience based in powerful dramatic renderings of scripture, song lyrics and spontaneous spoken sections. One could easily imagine Edwards being the lead in a modern rock musical. Her voice arrests you, her passion explodes through the lyrics and her range crosses effortlessly from low tones to soaring arias...

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ARTICLE: "Can Enchiladas Save Your Soul?"

No, they can't :) ! But you still might enjoy this fun article. Way back in 2006, I posted a recipe to my homemade burgers along with some thoughts about spiritual life and food. Today, I thought I'd post one of my favorite dishes of all time. Along with a couple thoughts and quotes. If you love cheese, enchiladas and more cheese. You might be interested in this fun article.

...My wife, Carol, has some truly great dishes that she makes. One of the best is the recipe for her giant enchiladas-- they can literally fill you up on a single serving. They are amazing. They didn't technically "save my soul", but they saved my body from hunger and made my soul happy! Really these are truly amazing.

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Free Song: "God Is Here" - Darlene Zschech!




Many thanks to our friends at Integrity Music, who have given us the opportunity to pass on this great free download to you- the song "God is Here" for a very limited time!

This song is the first track of her new album "Revealing Jesus", Darlene jumps into her trademark declarative, yet worshipful posture as one who is heralding an entire congregation to lift Jesus high and to acknowledge that "God Is Here". This song is infectious and courageous-- a kind of call-to-worship song that is destined to be one of the new songs the global church will sing. Unashamed and anthemic, this song isn't fluffy proclamation, but is a powerful reflection of the Lord's prayer put into emphatic song calling on the Holy Spirit to open the gates of heaven, bring His Kingdom and His glory. The bridge is a powerful compliment to the verse/chorus prayer and answer pairing- it humbly ascents the powerful truth echoed by every creature or human to encounter the unshielded presence of the Living God as they sing "Holy, we cry holy. Hallelujah God is here!". Really, folks, this is a truly great song. A wonderful co-write by Darlene, Israel and Phil Wickham. Check this one out!

I encourage you to download BOTH the mp3 and the chord chart and engage with this song.

Free Song Download "God Is Here" by Zschech, Houghton and Wickham

Click here to download the free song MP3 and chord chart!



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