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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Special Edition 70. This issue includes a special Easter download for everyone. It is the single "When I Survey", from worship leader/songwriter Darlene Zschech and songwriter/producer Andy Mak.

Kim Gentes

EASTER DOWNLOAD: "When I Survey"- Darlene Zschech


There are few songs that cut straight to the heart of the message of Christ's crucifixion like "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross". Originally written by Isaac Watts, the song was penned for a communion service in 1707. The most popular rendition of music to be applied to Watts' lyrics came from Lowell Mason whose composition applied to the hymn became the what many people recognize as the "When I Survey" of the church.

What strikes me most about this song is that it conveys the power and truth of the scriptures with such terse language. We often want things boiled down to singular concepts that are easy to digest and focused in theme. While Watts certainly has focused on the cross with this hymn, he has expressed it in its wide diversity by showing how the cross applies to the breadth of creation and our human condition....

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