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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 66. This issue includes 4 different resources. First is a new album review for "Deeper", a project by worship leader Christine D'Clario. Second is an article on why the word "worship" means almost nothing now. Third, has the song "The Mystery of Faith" as the free MP3 and Chord chart download! Fourth is another guitar demo entry from the "Worship Song Video Blog", this time demonstrating the song "Rise" written by Shawn McDonald!

Kim Gentes

REVIEW: "Deeper" (Christine D'Clario)


Today I had the opportunity to listen completely through the new album "Deeper" by Christine D'Clario. It was a real delight! D'Clario is joined on a few tracks by worship leader/songwriters Anthony Skinner and Leslie Jordan to put voice to these 10 excellent worship songs. But the majority of the project is led simply by Christine herself. D'Clario co-writes on half of the songs on this project and uses standout compositions from others such as label-mates Daniel Bashta, Richie Fike, and others like Paul Mabury (One Sonic Society), Israel Houghton and many others.

The album ranges from radio pop to piano ballads to modern revisit of a classic hymn. There is a deep and grounded sense of presence to D'Clario's singing of these songs. She sounds so comfortable with the music, with the lyrics, that one takes away a sense that these songs are personal reality for her- that these songs are not just "favorites" she is singing for Sunday morning "airplay", but she genuinely believes them and embraces them as her story. These songs are a listening joy and carry something of a spiritual peace as you join in with them.

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ARTICLE: Why Worship Means Nothing

...For a moment, let's roll back the clock 40 years. If you were to ask a linguist, scholar and Bible translator what the word "worship" meant, according to the Biblical usage of it, you would get something akin to "pointed acts and moments of submission, sacrifice and obeisance". But today, the worship word has become almost a euphemism for "everything". This has happened not because the Bible changed, but because we stopped using it as the central text to define the word. And with the popular worship movement of the last 30 years, we have co-opted the "worship" term for almost everything and anything to which that movement was associated. I have done it, others have done, we've all done it. But we were wrong...

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Free Song: from Glenn Packiam's "The Mystery of Faith"!


This issue we are pleased to give you access to the audio MP3 (studio recording) and chord chart for the song "The Mystery of Faith" as a free download for a limited time directly here, so you will find it below.

The Mystery of Faith is written by Glenn Packiam and Jennie Lee Riddle and is part of the larger album just released today called "The Mystery of Faith". If you haven't had a chance to here or try it out in your local church, download it here. Included is both an audio MP3 and a PDF chord chart.

worshiping Him!

Kim Gentes

Free Song Download "The Mystery of Faith" by Glenn Packiam and Jennie Lee Riddle

Click here to download the free song MP3 and chord chart!



Worship Song Video Blog: "Rise" (Shawn McDonald)

Session 15 of the Worship Song Video Blog includes a guitar demo/example of playing the song "Rise" (written by Shawn McDonald).

This is a video blog with guitar tips and ideas that incudes BOTH the video demonstrating the song arrangement on guitar and a downloadable PDF chord chart with the lyrics and chords...

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