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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 63. This issue includes 4 different resources. First is the "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide" is available free in two places- find out where. Second is a review of the album "The Invisible" by Daniel Bashta. Third, is an article called "Corporate Worship: Who are We Serving?" Read it and join in and give your thoughts. Finally, a book review of Sandra Richter's "The Epic of Eden", which is simply one of the best books I have ever read!

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REVIEW: "The Invisible" (Daniel Bashta)

There is no substitute for passion. You can create sounds, play music and mimic emotion. But real passion comes through in a way that goes beyond all those. If I had to sum up Daniel Bashta's work on his new project "The Invisible", the word would be- passion...

...Many of the songs on the album are inviting for church use. The arrangements used on most of them build in ascending steps (it almost becomes a predictable pattern on this project), but all are welcoming to local church use, (as with so many high production worship albums today) if not in perhaps simplified form... my absolute favorite was the title track "Praise the Invisible"- its hard not to love the reimagining of the invisible, immortal and incarnate language glorifying the Trinity as Father, Spirit, Son. Great historic language as part of a powerful surrender to the Holy God....




ARTICLE: Corporate Worship: who are we serving?


We walked into the building, through the shopping mall doors into the large auditorium. No one opened the door, no one greeted us. We were exactly 9 minutes late. The room was perfectly lit, subdued overheads keeping the stage highlighted, while the crowd didn't escape into complete darkness. I scanned the room. We found some free chairs... the speaker asked us all to stand. The music hummed in the background. He asked us all to join in...The song started. This was church. I was ready to worship....

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REVIEW: "Epic of Eden" (Sandra Richter)

The Epic of Eden” is a phenomenal, easily read book from Biblical scholar and professor Sandra L. Richter. The core purpose of the book seems to be to present an understandable framework for the story of God through history, as explained and explored by the Old Testament scriptures. Richter does a masterful job of presenting her thesis in a variety of complimentary insights, examples and narratives. Her coup de grâce statement of the book appears unceremoniously at the very center of the volume and highlights her unique ability to make readable statements out of mountains of metadata:

In it’s simplicity...Eden and the New Jerusalem are the bookends of redemptive history. God's original intent is his final intent, and everything that lies between is one extraordinary rescue plan..

...If I had to recommend just one book to help a Christian understand and explore the framework of the scriptural Old Testament story, I would recommend The Epic of Eden. It is simply that good. Even the writing style is accessible and inviting. After reading it, one feels as though they sat down with a good friend and got an in depth talk about what the Old Testament is all about, with enough “meat” to allow for further pursuit of details but enough brevity to make sense of the grand meta-story of God’s work on earth, and his master plan of redemption for all.

It is, simply, one of the bext books I have EVER read.

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