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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 62. This issue includes 3 different resources. First is the "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide" and how it is available free on Second is a review of the album "Power In Weakness" by Chris Lizotte. Finally, the Passion week devotional "An Eight Day Journey into Easter" is offered as a free downloadable from artists Dunn & Wilt!

Kim Gentes

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REVIEW: "Power In Weakness" (Chris Lizotte)

Part of my work requires me to listen to music. I mean a lot of music. Over the last 15 years, I've sampled literally thousands of projects- a sample is what I call a cursory initial scan to determine whether to take time for a full listen. Of those thousands, I've listened to several hundreds of CDs all the way through (hearing every track, completely). Of those several hundred, I've felt strongly enough to write about 90 reviews, of which I've highlighted just 22 as my "Editor's Choice" selections. Make that 23.

When I sat down this last week to hear this CD, I knew Chris Lizotte could write worship songs, and that he was a great voice with a solid acoustic guitar touch. But as I listened to "Power In Weakness" I found myself being emotionally moved. Song by song. Moved. Disarmed.

The longer I listened to the album the more I heard the prayers Chris was singing begin to rise up from of my heart, and I began joining with him. If nothing else, this album is about providing a place for others to join in the safety of surrendered peace with their voices echoing Lizotte's plaintiff prayers. And that is what I found myself doing the more I listened. Joining in. My shoulders feeling as though, for a moment, the weight of the world was lifted off. Not because my circumstances had changed, but because I had a prayer for a moment that could be mine...




Passion Week Audio Devotional- 8 Days to Easter!


An Audio Devotional Experience of music and spoken devotionals

Easter is the high holiday of the Worship Year; everything we believe and act on in the world as followers of Christ hinges on the resurrection of Jesus.
Beginning Palm Sunday, you can enjoy an Eight Day Audio Devotional Journey Into Easter together with thousands around the globe! This free series, by musician story-tellers Dunn & Wilt, will enrich our faith during Holy Week – all the way through Easter Sunday. Go to this link

download the free Easter devotional album of 8 mp3s (one for each day).

You'll listen to one, 3-4 minute devotional each day, and then we'll interact on a Facebook page with others from around the world. It's easy, the instructions are at the link, and we'll all be celebrating the story of the Cross through to the Resurrection together. Join us in the Eight Day Audio Devotional Journey Into Easter!

Click here for more details and information. The devotional is completely FREE, but it begins tomorrow, so come download it now!


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