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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 60. This issue includes 3 different Christmas resources. First is an article about God's gift to us and our opportunity to worship Him in this season. Second is a review of the recent Hillsong Music Christmas album "We Have A Savior". Finally, is a book review of the wonderful eBook by Dan Wilt called "How To Enjoy Your Christmas"- a fabulous little ebook for everyone!

Kim Gentes

The Gift of Worship




On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh.
         Matthew 2:11

The Christmas season is often lost in commercialism, shopping and busyness. Even our well-intentioned family agendas can sometimes obscure the focus from the celebration that is God coming to dwell with man- Emmanuel, Christ with us. The foundation of the Christian Christmas celebration is the acknowledgement and honoring of first of all, God's gift to us in the person of His Son, Jesus. But wrapped within the story is the response of those people who left their own lives, countries and palaces to journey to see the true King. To hear of distant wisemen traveling to see Christ seems noble, but the above scripture should gather our attention...

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REVIEW: "We Have A Savior" (Hillsong)

As is my practice lately, before listening the album, I grabbed my guitar, capo and pick. I went into my office, turned on my computer, and logged into I found many of the songs with chord charts and audio. I went through the album in real-time, with the charts in front of me, playing along. After playing through 7 songs, I was worshiping along, loving the music and in the thankful mood of Christmas- glorifying God for the gift of His Son!

After learning (and loving) about half a dozen songs (and arrangements) from the album, I then put down my guitar. Leaned back and closed my eyes as I listened and worshiped along with the album.

And what a joy it was!



Book REVIEW: "How To Enjoy Your Christmas" - 3 Word Lessons

O Come All Ye Faithful  

I am reading a lot more lately. And I have found there are a some topic-specific books that really are great! One such book I have just finished reading is called "How To Enjoy Your Christmas (3 Word Lessons)".

The idea of the book is summed up nicely in the sub-title:

"25 Great Ideas To Help Your Family Make The Most Of The Holiday Season"

What I loved about it is the clear, smart and actually usable ideas I got from it. After over 20 years of Christmas's as a parent, I was running out of fresh ways to think about the season, without becoming weary. Author Dan Wilt reflects on how you can not only freshen the experience, but deepen your family and devotional aspects of a worshipful Christmas!

Everything from enjoying the fun, singing the music, devoting your heart, engaging through Advent, surprising those you love- Wilt gives you punch points to do, not just ideas to think about!

I love this little Kindle eBook, and at 99cents, I can't believe anyone else wouldn't either! Really, check this out- you'll love it!

Link for How To Enjoy Your Christmas - eBook!


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