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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 58. This issue includes three resources. The first is a free song called "For the Sake of the World" from Bethel Music. Second is a devotional poem of thankgiving- read or listen to the audio. The third is a free live webinar of "How To Stream Your Worship Services Online"! The last Enjoy!

Kim Gentes

Free Song: "For the Sake of the World" (Bethel)


Our friends at Bethel (via Integrity/Kingsway) have granted us permission to give you access to the audio MP3 and chord chart for the song "For the Sake of the World" as a free download for a very limited time directly here, so you will find it below.

Click here to access the download of the MP3 audio and the chord chart PDF!

You will also find the review of the album at this same location.




Audio: "Father God" - Psalm of Thanksgiving

A psalm of thanks.

A prayer to draw near. To my God

I am watched by my Father, God. No matter where I walk around the earth, as a son, I am kept under the wings of the great King. He is friend and father to me. The air shivers with his nearness. His gaze is horizontal, when all things say it should be from above. He treats me with grace, when I deserve shame. I have no place to argue with him, though I would surely ask Him when he will leave, and why he has put up with me. Yet, he contends that I am his child. It basks me in light and washes me in joy, when I think of his nearness. Not just a knowledge of love, but the presence of it, actually occupying the space near my heart, my mind and my very body. The vulnerability of the flesh of my beating heart, all my emotions wrapped in it, is at the touch of his surgeon hand. The closeness of my thoughts he presses against his wisdom, inside, near the top of my head, where my thoughts collect to confer with one another. The hairs on my arms and the twitching muscles surrounding my elbows and shoulders are reacting with minute pressure that comes from his closeness to the physicality of the air around my body extremities. He is near. Too near, yet delight is flowing from it being so. Do not leave, oh God. But do not be so close. Be near, please. But heal me as you burn away the dross. Be, please, comforting as you cut the sickness from my being. Reveal yourself, and yet, shade me from being slain in the shadow of your holiness.

by kim gentes.


Download/listen to audio reading HERE...



VIDEO: "How To Stream Your Worship Services Online"

With Dan Wilt and Special Guest Kevin Weimer (WorshipStream)

The live webinar that we told you about last edition was so popular that we had a full queue of people watch the webinar live. Additionally, we had many hundreds of people access the webinar site who wanted to see the video after the event.

We have received requests from people asking about this seminar after the live webinar, we went to the event creators and asked if we could provide the media for people who missed the event. I am so happy to announce that we received permission from these fine folks to include the archive of this helpful training video and resource. Below is a 3-part resource (video, audio and PDF) that should help any church get an idea of how to get started in online streaming video of their services. Thanks Dan & Kevin! - Kim Gentes.

VIEW or DOWNLOAD the teaching at this Link:

Learn and enjoy the webinar FREE.





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