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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 55. This issue includes three resources. The first is a review of a new book"Embracing Obscurity". Second is a free webinar- Professor Gadget: Five Questions to Ask Before Investing in Technology! Finally, we have a FREE Song download of the Jeremiah Carlson song "My Soul Longs"! We think you'll enjoy all three resources!

Kim Gentes

BOOK REVIEW: "Embracing Obscurity"


"Embracing Obscurity" is a book of challenge meant to confront the church of western society which lives squarely in a culture of self-seeking, goal-oriented, achievement-centered structures and people. For the most part, the book starts with the premise that the church hasn't escaped these cultural trappings. The approach taken with "Embracing Obscurity" is to try to deconstruct the evils of the culture, explain how unbiblical they are and pursue a higher devotion to God’s purposes than the "me"-centric ideals of our western world.

...the book ...ends strong. In fact, by the fourth chapter, the author (who has notably remained completely anonymous to make a further point about their thesis) turns the ship towards reconstructing a new understanding of self, of value, and of living life within the obscurity of the world so that one might be known by the One to the glory of God. By the end of the book, I was wanting more. It felt like the author had turned the ship towards God's goodness enfolding man's destiny, leaving us squarely with a hopeful understanding of where to pursue life. The author sparks the conversation about eternal significance and eternal rewards- and the validation that pursuing God’s offered rewards are proper and just for the Christian. This is joyous and good....

...this is a topic that needs to be addressed, and addressed with new words and new perspectives to our generation. For that I am grateful and this work accomplishes that goal. ...

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FREE WEBINAR: "Professor Gadget: Five Questions to Ask Before Investing in Technology"

Professor Gadget: Five Questions to Ask Before Investing in Technology- Presented By Synergy for Ministry.

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Monday, October 15, 2012 @ 6:30pm CST

Technology is creating immense opportunities for ministry in today’s culture. However, before spending time and financial resources, have you asked the important questions related to which technologies are best for my congregation and how they will be most effectively utilized? If you are considering adding or even upgrading technology for your ministry, you will definitely want to participate in this webinar first! It’s free and will not only provide essential decision-making information but will also include the opportunity for questions!

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FREE Song: "My Soul Longs"


A big thanks to our friends at Vineyard Music have also granted us permission to give you access to the audio and chord chart for the song "My Soul Longs" as a free download for a limited time directly here, so you will find it below.

My Soul Longs is written by Jeremiah Carlson and is a great song for congregational worship. If you haven't had a chance to here or try it out in your local church, download it here. Included is both an audio MP3 and a PDF chord chart.

worshiping Him!

Kim Gentes

Free Song Download "My Soul Longs" from Jeremiah Carlson

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