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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 53. This issue includes three resources. The first is an article and discussion "How The Church Has Always Been a Social Network". Second is a review of the Chris McClarney album- Defender! Finally, we have a FREE Song download of the Chris McClarney song "Your Love Is Everything"! We think you'll enjoy both resources!

Kim Gentes

How the Church Has Always Been a Social Network


It was Monday morning. Jake Johnson had just started work. Aaron walked by, declaring his customary "good morning" and smile. Only this morning, the smile was gone. Aaron said quickly, "Could you come to my office please Jake." Jake liked working for Aaron. He was sometimes intense, but never over-demanding and always honest. Jake stepped into Aaron's office.

Aaron closed the door behind Jake and walked around the desk. Before he sat down he had already started his sentence, "I'm sorry Jake, but we're going to have to let you go."

In an instant, Jake's mind washed with numbness. Somewhere in the background Aaron was talking about sales, financials and corporate cutbacks. But Jake was already moving from numbness to questions and panic...

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ALBUM REVIEW: "Defender"/Chris McClarney

There are few songs in the past 5 years that have spread as quickly throughout the body of Christ as "Your Love Never Fails". This song, along with many others, is the outgrowth of the local ministry, worship leading and songwriting of Chris McClarney...

My first stop was the album, "Defender". And I was very, very encouraged with what I found...

... it is a vibrant and superbly crafted lyrical contribution for anyone looking for great new songs for their church. In fact, the songs are so strong and usable for local church use that Defender receives my accolade as an Editor's Choice selection. Excellent songwriting, shining vocals and honest expression throughout the project make this album worthwhile for any worshiper, and especially worship leaders, to consider!

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FREE Song: "Your Love Is Everything"


A big thanks to our friends at Integrity/Kingsway Music have also granted us permission to give you access to the audio and chord chart for the song "Your Love Is Everything" as a free download for a limited time directly here, so you will find it below.

Your Love is Everything is written by Chris McClarney and Mark Woodward and is a great song for congregational worship. If you haven't had a chance to here or try it out in your local church, download it here. Included is both an audio MP3 and a PDF chord chart.

worshiping Him!

Kim Gentes

Free Song Download "Your Love Is Everything" from Chris McClarney

Click here to download the free song MP3 and chord chart!


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