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dateWelcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 5. Some excellent resources for you again this issue. We have two strong features this issue:

* Can I Meet With God? is our feature article examining the questions and answers about encountering God in our real lives.

* FREE DOWNLOAD: "Jesus Is My Friend" is a children's worship song resource for pre-schoolers.


Hope you find these two resources helpful.
Kim Gentes

Can I Meet With God?


In today's church language, worship has become a word synonymous with music. But at the cornerstone of Biblical worship is an encounter with God and a response from man. King David was extravagantly declarative in his language, expectations and expressions of encountering God. He asked this question- "When can I go and meet with God?". Today, we must return to this simplicity and clarity with which we consider our relationship with God.

Can you meet with God? This article journeys through the hard questions about the reality of our earth-bound lives intersecting a truly spiritual quest of meeting the God of the universe. Read the article...


Free Download: "Jesus Is My Friend" - a Children's Worship Song


Jesus Is My Friend is a set of song resources for you and your local churches, intended for use with pre-school aged children. What I found was that there were plenty of children's songs written to help kids jump, smile, sing and shout. But there were few songs written to help give language for a child to declare their love for God, except perhaps for Jesus Loves Me. "Jesus Is My Friend" is just one song that can be used for pre-schoolers to have a simple and memorable song of love to Jesus. I hope you find it helpful.

Resource suite includes FREE downloadable MP3, PDF chord chart, Piano/Vocal score, MIDI file and more...


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