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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 49. This issue includes three resources. The first is an article about reconciliation called "The Road Home" (learning from the Prodigal's journey back to the father). Second is a review of the book "Learning to Suffer Well"! Finally, a free song download and album review from Rita Springer's latest project "The Playlist". See below for the details!

Kim Gentes

The Road Home: Learning from the Prodigal's Journey Back to the Father


Life is often referred to analogously as a journey. This imagery has held true in great literature from "The Pilgrim's Progress" to "The Road Not Taken" (Poem by Robert Frost) to Psalm 23 ("though I walk through the valley...") and even to Jesus parable of "The Good Samaritan". The path we take in life is a marker of both the choices we will come to, and the history of choices we have made. Among all the great works of art and literature that reflect life's journey on a path, none is as rivetting and poigniant as Jesus parable we often call "The Prodigal Son".

In the deepest sense, this parable speaks to all people. It is God the Father's call to humanity to return to him. But in a very personal sense, this parable reminds us that the way back from any broken relationship has two primary elements - contrition and humility. Let's read the portion of the parable that deals with the road home for this prodigal. ..

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BOOK: "Learning To Suffer Well"- Peter Fitch

Reading the book "Learning to Suffer Well" was something of a personal earthquake for me, not just through the reading of the book, but through the workbook style exercises and weekly meetings recommended with a trusted friend. In the combination of all three (reading, workbook exercises and meeting with a friend) the work turned up some profound truth and good application. The scriptural understanding of suffering, as a valid component within the differentiated and holistic Christian life, becomes apparent. What I had only intuited in the nuance of scripture reading before was brought to full light- Jesus, the disciples, and most heroes of the faith suffered as part of their lives, and it was part of God's will that they did so....

...This is an excellent book! I highly recommend it!

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REVIEW: The Playlist Deluxe- Rita Springer (plus Free Song Download)


Rita Springer is a name that has been synonymous with passionate worship. Like many of you, I've been enjoyed her songs, been inspired by her powerful vocals and encouraged by her living example as a leader and mentor to a generation of worship leaders. I first met Rita in 2001, and did a video interview with her on a tour she was doing with Worship Together newcomers (then) Tim Hughes and Chris Tomlin. Rita was then, and continues to be, a trailblazer who never settles for the "status quo". She was never content to live on your latest success or create a song to fit with the "formula" that might be popular.

Rita's latest album, called "The Playlist", is a progression in that journey, taking Rita's music from its powerful and inspirational roots to a place of beautiful artistry and pop accessibility. This marks the first album for Rita with her new major label partner, Integrity Music. Instead of pressing Rita into a plastic mold of pop-Christian music, this new release has Rita playing some of her most innovative music to date (such as tracks In This Forever, Over I Go, and Made For This), while on the same album including some of her most worshipful, hook-laden grooves (such as tracks I Call You, You Are My Hallelujah, Come In, All I Need, You Are Good, Oh How You Love Me, Make You Happy, and gospel drenched This Blood).

"The Playlist" is a triumph of the best passionate worship, glorious vocals, great lyric writing, and artistic production that we've ever heard from Rita Springer. I couldn't get through this album without lifting my arms, raising my voice and joining in worship...

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