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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 47. This issue includes two resources. This issue includes a special article about Palm Sunday and Passion week called "The Road", about Jesus triumpal entry to Jerusalem. Also included is a complete review of the new Paul Baloche album "The Same Love"! See below for the details!

Kim Gentes

Article: The Road- walking the way of Jesus


Less than three weeks ago, I walked through Jerusalem, going through most of the historic locations where Jesus is recorded to have traveled in his Passion week. Beginning with the Mount of Olives, I walked down the road leading to the Old City area, the likely route many scholars believe Jesus might have taken for his triumphal entry. As you walk down the road into the Kidron Valley you can see the enormity of the temple mount, on which used to sit the huge edifice of Judaism- the temple itself. With the people clamoring and honoring Jesus by placing the palm branches in his path, one can imagine the heady jubilation that was in the air. The crowds were lauding him as he was welcomed as the "Son of David", "He who comes in the name of the Lord", "Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!" and "the king of Israel"...

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REVIEW: "The Same Love" by Paul Baloche

...Then came, "The Same Love", the newest album from Paul Baloche. Before I decided to review the album, I had heard (and purchased) the title cut, which was released a few weeks before the album finally released April 3. The title cut was such a captivating track, I was very interested in pursuing listening to the full album. But rather than sitting down and listening to the complete project 5-6 times to soak in the songs, I decided to review the project in a way I've never done before.

Before listening the album, I grabbed my guitar, capo and pick. I went into my office, turned on my computer, and logged into I found all the songs with chord charts and audio. Then, I went through the album in real-time, with the charts in front of me, playing along. My first experience with the album was listening, playing along, learning, singing and worshiping my way through all 13 songs. It was an absolutely wonderful experience!

More than anything else, I was taken by surprise at the combination of exceptional songwriting and prestine performance that was merged with accessible, great congregational worship songs...

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