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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 43. This issue includes three resources for you. This issue includes a free book chapter download, a review of a gospel worship album "Sunshine in the Morning" (with free MP3 download), and a free worship webinar with Dan Wilt!

Kim Gentes

Free Book Chapter: "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide" (download)


The recently released Ultimate Worship Resource Guide has been lauded by worship leaders, teachers and pastors such as Don Moen, Tom Kraeuter, Dan Wilt and others as a "must have" handbook for worship resources for worshiping churches. Here is a free sample of the guide to check it out for yourself. A complete chapter download for you.

Below is the first section of the book that contains a sample of what you will find in the full, complete edition. This download is free and is available in PDF format. We hope you enjoy this.

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Review: "Sunshine In The Morning" (Gospel/Soul Worship)

The last year I have begun to listen to more southern soul, gospel, and R&B styled albums and found some amazingly encouraging, heart-filled and passionate music. One of the best albums I have heard is by Latrel Maloy, called "Sunshine in the Morning". On first blush, you might think that this is simply a great soulful, gospel recording, akin to the more modern sounds of Kirk Franklin or perhaps the worshipful focus of Israel Houghton.

But a closer listen reveals something more sublime than either of those icons. In fact, what surprised me most about Latrel Maloy was not his music (though it is top notch and engaging), his vocals (though they are boundless and brilliant), but truly the most compelling part of "Sunshine in the Morning" is the brilliant lyrics and ad libs of each and every song. From the title track, to "Soldier for the Lord" to "Love Call" and on through each song, Latrel explores not just the glory and faith that makes his journey unique, but the sorrow and pain that provide the contrast to the triumph. And this portion of his songwriting is not only a tacid tip of the hat to "soul music", but revealing of what great songwriters have always done for us- draw us together by the common thread of our experience by articulating it for us in song.

Click here for the rest of the review, get a free mp3 song download, and watch a video of the title track!



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