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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 42. This issue includes three great resources for you. This issue includes a discussion on patriotism and worship, a review of a great new worship album "Miami Vineyard Live", and be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the free worship webinar with Dan Wilt!

Kim Gentes

Do Patriotism and Worship Mix?




For the last year I have been working on completing filing all the paperwork and walking through the process of naturalization in the US. Born a Canadian, I've been living in the US for the last 20+ years, paying taxes, registered for the selective service, obeying the laws and trying to contribute positively to the society and communities in which I've lived. One thing that is clear to me is that Americans are proud of their heritage of standing for freedoms and rights, and are constantly placing the values of competing agendas in contrast to those freedoms to make sure that none are violated.

I am not, by nature or choice, a political person. Being a resident alien in the US has given me the opportunity to observe and contribute to the economic ecosystem of the country, while not being involved in the political or civil process. As well as not being allowed to vote, a resident alien cannot serve on juries or be appointed to any government leadership. In a way, this has given me an "out" when I didn't want to become embroiled in contraversial political opinions and discussions.

That said, one thing that always struck me as a bit odd was the interjection of nationalism in worship community activities, events or even liturgy. Click here to read more and contribute your thoughts.



Review: "Miami Vineyard Live" (Latin, Gospel, Island & Funk Worship)

The last two years have seen a beginning resurgence of stylistic creativity in the "worship music" genre. After 15 years of acoustic guitar based music in light pop/easy listening arrangements, we are beginning to see broadening pallet of music taste, styles and even languages bubbling up in the modern church music offerings. One of the absolute best albums I have heard in the last couple years is the worship offering called "Miami Vineyard Live". The namesake church featured in this album provided a group of several worship leaders, musicians and songwriters that created a stellar sonic experience while remaining completely worshipful and well-fit within their local church context.

Producer Mike O'Brien architects a gracious balance between flourishing artistic style and church-usable arrangements. Finding this balance is no small feat since the album features several worship leaders, and at least 4 different music stylistic ranges. It may seem inconceivable for a single project done in a "live night of worship" format to include songs that are clearly rendered in Latin, black gospel, island and funk stylings- but that is the task that the production team for "Miami Vineyard Live" took on. And they succeed with flying colors.

Click here for the rest of the review and to listen to audio.



Free Whiteboard Worship Training Webinar?




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