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Tom Kraeuter Reviews: "Ultimate Worship Resource Guide"


REVIEW: "I was shocked! When Kim Gentes asked if I'd take a look at his new book, I agreed, although not enthusiastically. 2011 Ultimate Worship Resources Guide: Songs and Media Edition, really didn't sound like something that was going to be exciting, compelling reading. I was wrong.

Beginning with a brief history of modern worship music, and then offering practical sources to find songs and song-related media, this book really lives up to its title.

I know a lot about worship music. As one who teaches on worship for a living, I try to keep up on what's going on in worship music. But I'll be honest, there are great sources in this book that had somehow totally eluded my attention. After all, who has time to research everything out there? Well, apparently Kim Gentes does and he put it all together in this book.

The day I finished reading the book I told the worship leader at our church that he needed to get a copy. I don't recommend things to him very often. This one, though, is definitely worth it. You probably ought to get one, too... Don't miss out. This book will save you tons of time and effort!"

Tom Kraeuter, Training Resources, Hillsboro MO


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