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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 36. This issue includes four encouraging resources for you. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the new free Christmas song!

Kim Gentes

Video Interview: "Is Liturgy Outdated and Irrevelant" with Ian Morgan Cron


Is Liturgy Old, Dusty and Outdated? What is the value of a 2000 year old tradition in our modern society? Ultimately, is it relevant?


For many people, the liturgy is the central constant of our devotional lives, indeed of our lives with Christ and in his church. But for those who are unsure of the present understanding of the liturgy, or the communion table, questions need to be addressed on its understanding and applicability. Instead of starting off with a deep historical and theological treatise on the subject, we will begin our discussion with a brief interview with author Ian Morgan Cron. Click here to watch video.



Book Review: "A Generous Orthodoxy" (McLaren)

Brian McLaren is lauded by many as the teaching voice of the post-modern movement within Protestantism. He is seen as a rabble-rouser, genius and even heretic. His initial work that sowed much of the love (and angst) for his perspective and his personage is “A Generous Orthodoxy”. In many respects, this book provides an apologetic, not for post-modern methodology, but for pre-modern (or perhaps pre-reformation) church understanding and hopeful unity. Having read the book two complete times (and a 3rd time through spent skimming to wrangle further details), I grew more affectionate towards the book with each time revisiting concepts and chapters.

But there are two main drawbacks to the book, as well...

Click here for the full review...



Book Review: "The Country Parson" by George Herbert


The Country Parson is a instructional book written from 17th century Anglican minister George Herbert in an attempt to describe and define the “perfect” country ministry. The same writer was a prolific poet and penned a generous volume of poems gathered and published as “The Temple”. Herbert is a brilliant academic figure, whose writing is surprisingly poignant and succinct, while remaining excellent pastoral guidance across the centuries.

Much in the tradition of Gregory the Great, whose “pastoral care” manual gave very specific and practical admonitions about human behavior, Herbert helps us understand how to properly lead the life of an Anglican priest and how it can be properly administered in a country parish. This is not so much an examination of the parishioner as it is a prescriptive agenda for various circumstances that may be encountered by the priest.

Read on here for a complete review by Kim Gentes.



New FREE Christmas Single: "Hope For Everyone" (Dunn & Wilt)

Friends, I have heard a wonderful new Christmas song, and I wanted to tell you about it. It is by ambient singer/songwriter duo Dunn & Wilt. It was arresting and encouraging all at the same time- and it is FREE. Check it out below.. (Kim Gentes)

Hope For Everyone (Merry Christmas) is a song written for those just needing to feel ‘normal’ during this season. Framed in stories intimately familiar to the writers, and written as a “Christmas card” to their friends suffering loss this season, this song is meant to ride alongside Christmas favorites and provide a contemporary song with a message of hope that can be sung out by every church, and every person, at Christmas. Download the new song for free here.


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