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A Letter the Spouses of Creatives: Husbands and Wives of Authors, Musicians, Songwriters and more.


My name is Kim Gentes. For the last 15 years, I have listened to thousands of music projects, critiqued hundreds of albums and resources and written full reviews of over 100 such music projects, books and resources. In that time, I have found that behind many great projects stand two primary people- a husband and wife. The creative artist is, understandably, singled out for lauds, applause, critique and awards. But the spouse is often relegated to the liner notes and mentions from award ceremonies (when they rarely occur). In this, I realized I have been woefully complicit- I looked back on my reviews and have not found one (yet) where I recognized the hidden support and treasure of the spouse of a creative to the monumental work that was produced. My hope is that this note will start to address my egregious oversight. This note is first of all to my own wonderful wife, Carol. But it is also to every spouse of a creative (husband or wife) who has poured out their energies and hearts into the combined efforts of a creative project.

To all the spouses of creatives! We all thank you! Your day in the spotlight may be short (or not at all), but you surrender much of yourself to see great things come from your family, while you remained often notably missing from headlines, bylines, reviews and awards. But from those of us who know, and who appreciate all you give- Thank you!

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