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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 33. This issue includes four encouraging resources for you. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the free song!

Kim Gentes

Two Discussion Forums for you.


If you are interested in engaging in discussions and exchange in a community that is focused on worship music and ministry, we highly recommend two that may be of interest. Both are free.

Worship Music & Ministry - a group in the "LinkedIn" network. This online forum is great for talking with others via a web interface on the topic of worship and music. Check it out here.

Worship Music List- a google groups discussion group. Talk in a group forum via email or online via a web interface. Check it out here.

Music Review: "Passage" - Kelly Carpenter

Come take journey with me... I lean back, close my eyes, open my ears, drink in the sounds... and very soon, I am surrendering my tension and anxiety to the Prince of Peace. Once surrendered, I am carried along in the ebb and flow waters of beautiful sonic soundscapes, skilful artistry and thematic hooks and progressions. I drift. Not aimlessly, but toward a grace-filled remembering that God is not limited to our ways. He holds the universe, the planet, the country, my family and even my day in His very capable and very caring hands. How did I take that journey? What vehicle or route did I take for just such an adventure. Quite simply, I took this journey via a new "Passage"-the latest instrumental CD from singer/ songwriter/ musician Kelly Carpenter.

Click here for the full review, and to hear demo clips!



Review: "Golden Book" by John Calvin


Were I to meet John Calvin today, I think he might be a surprisingly moderate but deeply spiritual Christian professor of warm wisdom and serious desire to see personal holiness take hold in the life of followers of Christ. This might seem obvious, but note what I did not say. I doubt that I would find a man who is so vehemently driven by the later (derived1) sectarian doctrine of TULIP that he would not sit in community with me as we discussed our varying understandings of theology. Where do I find such a wise and thoughtful Calvin? Where do I meet the great teacher who inscribed the systematic theology of the reformation that Martin Luther so profoundly burst forward with on the public of medieval Europe?

I meet this John Calvin in the heart of his writings of the Institute, at the sixth chapter, in book III, which was entitled by Calvin (after a number of revisions) as “On The Christian Life”.

Read on here for a complete review by Kim Gentes.



FREE Song: Prayers Of The People (Kyrie Eleison) by Dunn & Wilt


DUNN & WILT have created a new form (with old roots) of modern worship music they call "Modular Songs." Modular songs are songs where you can use a "module" of a song, i.e. a chorus, or refrain, and apply it to different songs. They can also be, as is the case with the following, songs that change according to the individual church's contribution of lyrics. I.e. A module of the song, in this case, the verses, have flexibility according to who is using them. This modular prayer song is ready for you to use.

Click here to get the demonstration video, tutorial, and free Chord Chart!


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