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Welcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 29. This issue includes four encouraging resources for you.

Kim Gentes

The Problem with Normal.


As Christians, is it normal to to encounter problems? Is it normal to regularly overcome struggles? Is it normal to fail? Is it normal to continue to have issues? What is normal?

These are good questions, because they force us to look at some deep seeded assumptions we have made about what it means to be a Christian, and what a "normal" Christian life should consist of.

Problematic about these questions, however, is that there is a deeper on here.



Music Review: "Weathered" by Sheri Carr

Well, I just got the new album, Weathered, from Sheri Carr. Wow! This is a brilliant new look at Sheri's music. With perfectly contained arrangements that highlight her stellar voice these are wonderful new songs. You haven't heard Sheri like this before. The EP has a pop / country / light rock feel that tells thoughtful stories of real life.

Staying away from cliché lyrics, she shines as an artist and songwriter in this new 5-song EP. Sheri packs so much life and hope into this album it will rip your heart out and hand it back to you with a warm smile.

Click here for the full review, and to hear demo clips!



Book Review: "No Future Without Forgiveness" by Desmond Tutu


"Forgiving means abandoning your right to pay back the perpetrator in his own coin, but it is a loss that liberates the victim."

Desmond Tutu,
"No Future Without Forgiveness", Pg 272

This lithe statement makes clear what equation is required for solving the problem of reconciliation. It was this solution that was the heart and soul of the transformation that took place in South Africa over the last 20 years. As a prominent member of the ecclesiastical and moral movements within the South African nation, Desmond Tutu became an icon of leadership for the black people who had suffered for decades under the crushing blows of apartheid. Tutu's book "No Future Without Forgiveness" is a personal memoir of his process and involvement with the, now famous, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) which he chaired during its lifetime.

Read on here for a complete review by Kim Gentes.



FREE Song: You're My Refuge

This month we are featuring the song "You're My Refuge" in three different ways (all FREE). We hope you listen to this song and that it brings some encouragement to you, that our God is our refuge and the rock of strength in our times of need. Click here to get the free MP3, Chord Chart and demonstration videos!


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